Super7’s Data Rock

Super7 is celebrating the release of Datarock’s “The Catcher in the Rye” single with the release of their 3″ tall Data Rock soft vinyl. Each large red diamond comes with a USB … Read More

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Pop! Series

It’s never too early to begin thinking about Christmas…right? Well, Funko agrees with me. They are showing off photos of their upcoming Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Pop! Series. The … Read More

RX’s Me and Mr Death

Last year, Roberto “RX” Gionta, an Italian designer and web cartoonist, produced a resin Toy named “Mr Death”. This year, he has decided to try to produce himself as a … Read More

All City Breakers Mini Series

Straight out of the South Bronx, Kidrobot’s first series of All City Breakers celebrates the best dance style born from 70’s hip-hop culture. Individually foil-wrapped and blind, each b-boy and … Read More

Toy Karma III Greasebat

Monster Worship has unveiled the newest limited edition painted colorway of the Real Fighting Greasebat vinyl. This one has been cast in an orange vinyl, highlighted with Green sprays, and … Read More

El Diablo Minis

Well, it appears that END and Argonaut Resins will be teaming up with artist Robbie Busch again for another round of El Diablo resin figures. This time around, it will … Read More

Bitbots’ DIY Jinny

Bitbots Toys has announced that their 6″ tall DIY Jinny (full white version) is available for pre-order. This version is a limited edition run of 500 pieces worldwide. The figure … Read More

My Own Karakterz

This coming Saturday – September 2nd 2011 – at 6:00PM, a team of Hawaii’s graffiti greats will be debuting their “My Own Karakterz” work, which will be on display for … Read More

Happy Panda Toys is Opening Their Doors

Happy Panda Toys is proud to announce that they will be opening the first vinyl toy brick and mortar in Las Vegas. This space will not only be a shop, … Read More

Playing with The Walking Dead

Check out the above video of Todd McFarlane and author Robert Kirkman getting a hands-on look at the upcoming action figure line based on The Walking Dead comic book series. … Read More

JPK’s The Scribe Toyer

Kept alive by unatural magic, incantations he has engraved upon himself – into his very bones. Lifetimes of work, collected knowledge and forgotten lore. He guards his power jealously. He … Read More

More Garbage Pail Kids Previews

Gallery 1988 has posted up three more preview images of artwork that you’ll be able to see at their Garbage Pail Kids Tribute Show. This Friday (September 2nd 2011) at G1988 … Read More