Nerfect Plush Toys

Nerfect has released their first series of stuffed figures. The stuffed plushies feature artwork that is digitally printed using water-based pigment inks on cotton fabric. They are stuffed with polyester … Read More

REVIEW: Uglydolls – Groody

Background The first half of 2011 was fairly predictable when it came to new Uglydolls. Of course, that’s because we knew exactly which characters were going to be released. The … Read More

Custom Arkiv by D-LuX for LCKM@

D-LuX has released this custom Arkiv Instant, with 50% of the proceeds going to the childhood cancer charity Leukemia Can Kiss my @$$. Approximately 11″ tall, the custom paint job … Read More

Grody Shogun Wonderfest Exclusives

Lulubell Toys has saved some of Luke Rook’s Grody Shogun Wonderfest Exclusives for those not attending the event. Ojisan and Karakuri are back in milky vinyl, covered in purple, green, … Read More

Frankie Pixel Blox

From the evil labs of Justusproduct, Zakane has released a new paper toy character. Frankie, the monster who is always in search for true love to fill his mechanical heart, … Read More

Captain A.M. & R.E.D. Skull

Dennis Quijano has released the above pictured 18″ x 24″ limited edition print. It features Captain America and Red Skull during a very touching moment. Available via Paper Crown Gallery, … Read More

Large Luxury Monster Rug

Stitches and Glue is helping out the romantic in you. They’ve released this Large Luxury Monster Rug – the perfect finishing touch to any stylish home. This handmade one-off long-haired … Read More

Top 12 Must See Toys at SDCC

Yesterday, we took a look at the best San Diego Comic Con exclusives. However, there were a number of new releases, prototypes, and sneak peeks available at the con. Now’s … Read More

Fund The Nightmare of Oz via Kickstarter

ShouldBee has created a dark fantasy re-imagination of the Wizard of Oz that they’re calling The Nightmare of Oz. Following design submissions, they are asking the Kickstarter community to help … Read More

My Thoughts On The Designer Toy Awards

The First Annual Designer Toy Awards were held during the nerd celebration known as San Diego Comic Con. Founded by Clutter Magazine and Trade in Cool, the awards attempted to … Read More

Jinny Bigtop Pre-Order

Bitbots Toys showcased their 6″ tall Jinny Bigtop by Jon Burgerman at San Diego Comic Con. (It was in the DKE Toys booth) The figure is still available for pre-order … Read More

Calling All Cars – Water Warrior

Jack Hankins (Horrorwood) has released another of his Calling All Cars custom paper toys. Designed by Indonesian artist Aditya Sustiawan, the name of this design is “Water Warrior”. It can … Read More