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Tonner’s Exclusive Dark Phoenix Availble Today

tonner dark phoenix

Tonner Doll Company has announced that their 2011 SDCC Exclusive Dark Phoenix TCF will be available for purchase on today (Friday July 29th 2011) beginning at 2:00PM EDT. Dark Phoenix will be available for $187.50 (use promo code SDCC2011 and enjoy 20% off that price and free shipping). Purchases will be limited to one per person, so if you missed it at Comic Con...this is your chance.

Assembly Line Collective at OhNo!Doom

assembly line collective

OhNo!Doom presents Assembly Line Collective, exhibiting eleven artists from their globe-spanning collective of the biggest names in design, illustration, motion graphics and graffiti.

The opening reception takes place on Saturday August 6th, 2011 from 6:00PM to 10:00PM, with the exhibit running through August 27th.

Featured artists:

Roland Tamayo, Mimi Yoon, Jeramie Tolentino, Liza Corbett, Tokyoplastic, J.R. Goldberg, Cecil Kim, MichaelO, Fatoe, Kendra Binney, Guy McKinley

OhNo!Doom Gallery
1800 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Puppet Heap’s Mother Hubbard Among Others

puppet heap group

This fall, Puppet Heap Playthings will launch their first ever line of hand puppets – Mother Hubbard Among Others. They will be available beginning in September 2011, retailing around $19.99 each.

The following characters are slated to be released: Cabby, Constable, Doctor, Lucy, Mother Hubbard and Toby.

Each puppet will come with a unique code that will unlock a secret window into that character’s world at the Puppet Heap Playthings website.

puppet heap trio

Go Dumpster Diving with Steelplant

steelplant frontloader 2

Did you ever way to spray or mark up a dumpster? Did you ever want to dive into a dumpster to find a bag of half-eaten, un-stale bagels? Well, Steelplant has released a series of blank Frontloader Dumpsters available in four different colors: Shock Blue, Juice Green, Golden Yellow and Signal Red. There are also a handful of hand painted customs available, with other artist releases and more blanks in production.

steelplant frontloader 1

The sculpture can be covered with your favorite paints, inks and stickers, or dilapidated in the same way an urban dumpster would be. Exposed steel can be scratched, scarred and rusted. Each dumpster will have some variation in the weld spray and grinding.

Each hand made eight pound dumpster comes packed in recyclable / compostable materials. 30% of our steel is recycled, and our lid tiles are milled from a composite wood plastic material made from what would otherwise be waste.

The blanks are available for $149.99 each, while the customs can be purchased for $250.00.

steelplant frontloader 3

The Trojan Horse Cometh

av trojan horse 1

Amanda Visell has revealed some photos of her upcoming collaboration with Itokin Park. The Trojan Horse will be an edition size of 25 pieces. They will be releasing 25 of this version and 5 originals, each one different. The limited edition versions are $585 each and are available in person - this Saturday - at the Switcheroo Workshop from 3:00PM to 9:00PM, during Kazuhiko's workshop. If any are left over, you'll be able to pick one up at

av trojan horse 2