For your $50 Molezilla Kickstarter Pledge…

Bob Conge’s (Plaseebo) “MOLEZILLA” Kickstarter project has only 20 days to go…and they’re over halfway there. Now, Bob has released photos of what that $50.00 pledge will get you. That … Read More

Hot Toys goes 70’s with this Superman

Hot Toys has released information of the newest addition to their Movie Masterpiece Series line – MMS152 – the classic Superman collectible from the 1978 film. The movie-accurate Superman collectible … Read More

Special Cuppa Price Today

Matt JOnes will be offering up a special price – today only – for his Mini Tea Series One blind boxes. This will only happen on Friday May 27th 2011 … Read More

Lunartik Teas Series Two Collector’s Edition

Here’s a big announcement from Matt JOnes in the wee hours of the morning (stateside). You can now pre-order the Lunartik Teas – Series 2. The Collector’s Edition – Series … Read More

Tonner’s Steve Rogers, Super-Soldier

Tonner has released the Steve Rogers, Super-Soldier, 2011 20th Anniversary Convention Exclusive. This version commemorates Captain America’s 70th anniversary, and features his Golden Age costume and original triangular shield from … Read More

Blind Box Madness Series 4

If you were at San Diego Comic Con last year, you probably remember one of the hot items being Bwana Spoons self-made blind boxes. Well, the Blind Box Madness Series … Read More

Bits n Bytes by Cris Rose

Bits n Bytes are a new range of resin robots from Cris Rose. Featuring six popular Sprogs (these are the Bits) and two versions of Rotund (the Bytes), these bots … Read More

Armored Pheyaos and Nibbler Reality Biter Release – Tonight

RealXHead x Tarantulas x Onell Design have combined three characters – Chaos, The Nibbler and Pheyden – into two configurations – the Armored Pheyaos and the Nibbler Reality Biter. Both … Read More

June 2011 Ninja of the Month – Medic Ninja

This sixth Ninja of the Month of 2011 means that we’re halfway through the year. This month’s Ninja – Medic Ninja – has been around Ninjatown a for a little … Read More

Kaiju Big Battel: Leveling Las Vegas!

Where do giant city-crushing monsters, super-sized freedom fighting plantains, intergalactic insects, and a diabolical mad doctor do Battel for control of the Universe? KAIJU BIG BATTEL, a top-secret monster fighting … Read More

Pirates of the Caribbean Additions

Hot Toys has given fans of Pirates of the Caribbean a little more to be excited about – in addition to the release of On Stranger Tides. First off, they’ve … Read More

Retired Wrestler Print Set

Artist Seymour has release his Retired Wrestler Print Set. The set contain 5 signed prints on fully recycled matte paper. These are available via Seymour’s etsy shop for $17.00 each.