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Funko’s KISS Plushies

funko kiss 1
funko kiss 2

It's somewhat surprising that it took this long for the band that plasters its name on just about anything to team up with Funko to release a new line of KISS Plushies. Now, you can line up your favorite band members and rock out to some 'Beth'.

funko kiss 3
funko kiss 4

Porlzilla Grand Re-Opening Sale

porlzilla sale

Porlzilla's web shop ended up crashing...or exploding...or something. So, in order to launch the newly redone shop, Porl has added three End of Summer clear individually colored Ozzels to the shop...and prices have been dropped in the store.

Erick Scarecrow’s My Private School Teacher Prints

esctoy private school teacher one

Erick Scarecrow has released a pair of new prints - My Private School Teacher - Lesson One (and Lesson Two). Each signed and numbered print is available in 11" x 14" and 18" x 24" sizes. The edition sizes for these are 50 prints each, and they will run either $100.00 or $150.00 (Depending on the size you choose).

esctoy private school teacher two

Uglydolls will be turned into a Feature Film

uglydolls movie's been rumored for a while that it was only a matter of time before the Uglydolls received their own animated show...but a feature length film? That was the big announcement yesterday. The rights were acquired by Illumination Entertainment - the same folks that brought you Despicable Me. I'm just hoping that they stick with the style that made these characters so well-loved...and no 3D CGI!

For your $50 Molezilla Kickstarter Pledge…

plaseebo molezilla white

Bob Conge's (Plaseebo) "MOLEZILLA" Kickstarter project has only 20 days to go...and they're over halfway there. Now, Bob has released photos of what that $50.00 pledge will get you. That would be a 7" tall white vinyl Molezilla with red glass eyes in a signed and numbered edition that will be limited to the number of $50.00 pledges received.

plaseebo molezilla header

Hot Toys goes 70’s with this Superman

hot toys Superman 1

Hot Toys has released information of the newest addition to their Movie Masterpiece Series line - MMS152 - the classic Superman collectible from the 1978 film. The movie-accurate Superman collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Christopher Reeve from the movie.

hot toys Superman 5
hot toys Superman 2
hot toys Superman 4

The 1/6th scale Superman Collectible Figure includes:

• Three pairs of interchangeable hands
• Film specific Superman costume
• Specially-made figure stage imitating the Fortress of Solitude
• Figure stand with Superman nameplate and the movie logo
•• Limited Edition Green Kryptonite with metal chain will be offered to Hot Toys’ special channels ••

Look for this figure to be released in Q4 of 2011. It's currently already available for pre-order via Sideshow Collectibles in both the Regular and Exclusive versions ($209.99 each). A portion of this collectible figure’s sales benefits will be donated to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation by Hot Toys Limited.

hot toys Superman 3

Special Cuppa Price Today

lunartik special

Matt JOnes will be offering up a special price - today only - for his Mini Tea Series One blind boxes. This will only happen on Friday May 27th 2011 (and remember he's in the UK). They'll be available for just £5.60 per Cup.

Lunartik Teas Series Two Collector’s Edition

lunartik poster

Here's a big announcement from Matt JOnes in the wee hours of the morning (stateside).

You can now pre-order the Lunartik Teas - Series 2. The Collector’s Edition - Series Two features four infused flavors to enjoy and will be released in July 2011. Each of these 6.5” vinyl figures comes complete with Cup & Saucer, Tea Stirrer & Sugar Cubes.

Orange Tea - A Tangerine Dream
Lemon Tea - Bitter & Twisted! - ( Limited to 100 pcs ww)
Mint Tea - Rich in Flavour
Berry Tea - A Fruity Fusion

And one day only - TODAY - you can pick one up for a special price of £29.99 (about $49). Afterwards, they'll be going back to the regular price of £34.99 (about $57).

lunartik ORANGE
lunartik LEMON
lunartik MINT
lunartik BERRY

Tonner’s Steve Rogers, Super-Soldier

tonner captain america 1
tonner captain america 2

Tonner has released the Steve Rogers, Super-Soldier, 2011 20th Anniversary Convention Exclusive. This version commemorates Captain America's 70th anniversary, and features his Golden Age costume and original triangular shield from Captain America Comics #1. A limited edition of only 150 pieces, the figure is currently available for $185.00.

Blind Box Madness Series 4

bwana blind box

If you were at San Diego Comic Con last year, you probably remember one of the hot items being Bwana Spoons self-made blind boxes. Well, the Blind Box Madness Series 4 is currently in the works for SDCC 2011. Here is the first reveal - the 2" tall Little Mooneater.