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Kaiju Drazoran – Dead Presidents x Max Toy Version

maxtoyco dead pres drazoran

Mark Nagata has announced the release of the Kaiju Drazoran Dead Presidents x Max Toy Version. Matt Walker (Dead Presidents Designs) has hit up these Drazoran's with his Monster Kolor paint, with sprays of white, vivid pink, vivid orange, black and silver with a hint of purples, and a glossy top coat. This 10.5" tall soft vinyl figure is available for $70.00 each.

Mezco’s Green Lantern Mez-Itz Summer Exclusive

mezco green lantern 1

Mezco Toyz has announced their DC Universe Mez-Itz Green Lantern and Sinestro Comic Version two pack. These 6" tall rotocast vinyl Mez-Itz are a non-numbered limited edition item, with an edition size to be announced. The two pack will premiere at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, but will also available online via the Mezco Shop for $40.00.

mezco green lantern 2

Sideshow’s Dewback and Sandtrooper – Desert Sands Detachment

sideshow dewback sandtrooper 1

Sideshow Collectibles has placed their newest 1/6th scale Star Wars collectibles - the Dewback and Sandtrooper Deluxe Figure - Desert Sands Detachment 12 inch Figures (sold separately) - for pre-order.

sideshow dewback sandtrooper 7
sideshow dewback sandtrooper 5

The Dewback features a Tatooine desert base sculpt, metal riders lance, faux-leather reins, four detachable highly detailed and functioning faux-fur and fabric saddlebags, detachable roll out shelter, and detachable faux-fur saddle horn cover.

sideshow dewback sandtrooper 2
sideshow dewback sandtrooper 3

The Sandtrooper Deluxe Figure - Desert Sands Detachment includes the SD-48 Survival Pack with updated configuration, two blasters, two rifles and a number of other accessories.

The Dewback is available for $299.99 and the Sandtrooper runs $134.99. Look for each to be released in Q4 of 2011.

sideshow dewback sandtrooper 6
sideshow dewback sandtrooper 4

Plush War from Solya and Asha

plush war 1

Solya and Asha will be releasing their Plush War character in a pair of variants. Plush War is a fighting bear who will defend you and your collection of toys. The plush version will measure approximately 20" tall, while the resin piece with be around 4" in height.

These will be priced at $60.00 (a pre-order price of $55.00), with international shipping included. They'll be released beginning on June 17th 2011.

plush war 2

ESC-Toy’s OSK ???

esc osk japan

Hmm...we received this image and the following from Erick Scarecrow of ESC-Toy.

Art Direction:ESC
Illustration by Yajima
for OSK ???-ESC/Japan Project

What does it mean? Your guess is as good as ours.

Clear Kaiju Eyezon – Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez x Max Toy

maxtoyco gonzalez eyezon

MaxToyCo has released the Clear Kaiju Eyezon by fine artist Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez. This is an edition of 8 figures, all painted on clear vinyl with c-thru paints and glitter glossy coating. Each unique piece has been signed on the foot by the artist and dated 2009. You also get a cast resin Eyezon leg, painted and signed by Mark Nagata. "The additional leg was Carlos' idea, representing how mass produced items may look the same but when you pick it up you realize it is not light weight vinyl." The limited run figure is now available for $200.00.

Jackal – the Rebel Tank – by Phu

jackal 1
jackal 2

My Tummytoys is undertaking a new project with Phu. They're looking to produce Phu's Rebel Pilot tank named Jackal. These photos are that of a prototype. My Tummytoys is hoping to release to release the figure this year, however, they're still working on some of the details regarding the vehicle.

jackal 3
jackal 4

Green Lantern PixelBlox

pixel blox green lantern

I guess you could say that Zakane is a little excited about the upcoming Green Lantern movie. He has designed this PixelBlox based on the movie version of the Green Lantern. And you can now download the design template for free. Just print, put together and display.

REVIEW: Uglydolls – Dave Darinko

uglydoll dave darinko 13


With the recent news of an Uglydoll animated film in the works, it's as good of a time as any to take a look at one of the new 2011 Uglys. From the creative minds of David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, this character might be the first Uglydoll with a surname – Dave Darinko.

Dave Darinko is a natural born leader. He’s the one you want on your side when you’re about to face the music. And when you do face the music, he’s the guy who knows where the volume knob is. Does that make sense? Anyway, Dave gives you the thumbs up. He knows that you know he knows you know.

uglydoll dave darinko 01
uglydoll dave darinko 02

The Facts

Dave Darinko
Series: Uglydolls
Manufacturer: Pretty Ugly
Artists: Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 2 Foot – 24”; Regular – 14”; Little – 7”; Clip-on - 4”
Designs: Red or Gray versions

uglydoll dave darinko 03


Well, I guess you actually have two tags here. While they are the same character (and the above background story is the same for each), they do have different tags. Although, the only difference is the color of Dave Darinko. It is a little strange though. The Gray tag has Dave Darinko's nose as being black, rather than red.

uglydoll dave darinko 07
uglydoll dave darinko 08

Our Opinion

When I first saw the first half of 2011 Uglydoll lineup, my hands down favorite was this character (Dave Darinko). And while, at that time, I preferred the Red version...I have to say that I'm digging the Gray Dave Darinko a little more.

Both plushies feature the same character shape. Dave Darinko has a pair of cat-like pointy ears and two downward pointing triangular teeth. His three finger hands point down, and he has two little feet.

uglydoll dave darinko 05

The only thing that differs is the color choice. The Red Dave Darinko is a bright cherry red and features a black oval nose. The Gray version has a red oval nose. The gray coloring reminds me of an old sweatshirt.

I think the name Dave Darinko is pretty amusing. And I was trying to figure out if there was another meaning to the name. I might have come up with something...Dave Darinko is actually an anagram for Korean David. David Horvath lived in Seoul, South Korea – which is where his wife, Sun-Min, is from.

OVERALL: With all of the bright Uglydolls that have been released this year, it's sort of strange that my favorite is a sad gray color. I think it's that I like the Uglydoll characters that resemble animals the most.

uglydoll dave darinko 11

You can pick one up at the following: $50.00 - $20.00 - $10.00 - $6.00

Uglydoll - Dave Darinko Grades

Plush Quality: 9/10
    Stitching: 9/10
    Material: 9/10
Softness: 8/10
Packaging/Tag: 7/10
Cuteness: 9/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 9/10

Overall: 9.2/10

uglydoll dave darinko 09
uglydoll dave darinko 10
uglydoll dave darinko 12
uglydoll dave darinko 04
uglydoll dave darinko 06


mimobot green lantern 01


Last week, Mimoco released a new MIMOBOT designer USB flash drive series. Alongside DC Comics, they introduced the Green Lantern MIMOBOT line. The series consists of four new Green Lantern inspired designer USB flash drives (2GB to 16GB), including Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Sinestro and Tomar-Re.

And since we don't know much about these characters, we'll let Mimoco describe them.

mimobot green lantern 04

Hal Jordan
Though once just a mortal Earth-bound test pilot, Hal Jordan came to be the most powerful member of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force charged with maintaining order throughout the universe.

mimobot green lantern 06

Okay, so this towering hulk of a Green Lantern Corps member is no looker, but he was a super-smart geneticist on his home planet of Bolovax Vik. Looks vs. Brains... you can't have everything.

mimobot green lantern 10

Sinestro MIMOBOT's sneering visage is flushed a permanent rage-filled purple since being exiled by the Green Lantern Corps... hey, take a breath already, buddy!

mimobot green lantern 08

"Hey, Beak-face! Thanks... thanks for protecting the universe... and all my documents, music and pics! I love you." That's what you'll say to Tomar-Re MIMOBOT whenever you need to transport your data.

The Facts

Green Lantern MIMOBOTS
Series: DC Comics MIMOBOTS
Manufacturer: Mimoco
Material: Plastic body with USB Flash Drive inside (2GB to 16GB)
Dimensions: About 2.25” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Sinestro, and Tomar-Re
Accessories: Pre-loaded digital content, including desktop wallpapers, icons, avatars, and screensavers; protoHoodie (purchased separately)

mimobot green lantern 02


This is the first time that we've reviewed Mimoco's new packaging (I say new, even though it's been around for a while). The MIMOBOT is packaged inside of dual plastic trays, which is within a special Green Lantern designed box. The box features a MIMOBOT shaped plastic window on the front and a square plastic window on the rear.

mimobot green lantern 12

Our Opinion

With the Green Lantern film slated to be released on June 17th 2011, you're beginning to see companies releasing their movie-inspired toy lines. While these aren't specifically designed to be based on the film, it's not a coincidence that they're being released when they are.

It's difficult to hear the phrase “designer USB flash drive” and not immediately think of MIMOBOTS. Mimoco has always had a grasp on that market, working with artists in the designer scene as well as acquiring some big time licenses. And I'd have to say that this is a pretty big license.

mimobot green lantern 14

The artwork on the four Green Lantern characters is done in the same stylized fashion as previous MIMOBOT series (Batman, Star Wars). There are three different head styles used – Hal Jordan and Sinestro have the regular, rounded head cap; Tomar-Re has big, pointy ears to the side; Kilowog has little ears sticking up at the top.

Even though the three Green Lantern characters appear to have the same body design, if you look closely you'll see that each one is unique. One thing that Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Tomar-Re do have the same is the green LED light on their rear ends. Sinestro has a yellow light back there.

mimobot green lantern 13

And while I don't consider myself a huge Green Lantern fan, I really like this series. MIMOCO has really elevated their game over the past few years by adding new head cap designs, increasing memory, and giving us sleek designs.

The Green Lantern MIMOBOTS come pre-loaded with wallpapers, icons, avatars and screensavers showcasing this MIMOBOT series. They're available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities.

OVERALL: If you like DC Comics characters – especially the Green Lantern – there really shouldn't be any other flash drive holding your important files.

mimobot green lantern 16

You can pick one up at the following:

Mimoco: 2GB - $22.95; 4GB - $27.95; 8GB - $44.95; 16GB - $59.95
     protoHoodies Keychain Accessory - $5.95 ea.

Green Lantern MIMOBOT Grades

Figure Quality: 9/10
   Sculpt: 9/10
   Paint: 9/10
Accessories/Outfit: N/A
Packaging: 8/10
Durability: 9/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 9/10

Overall: 9.3/10
     Hal Jordan: 9.2/10
     Kilowog: 9.3/10

     Sinestro: 9.0/10
     Tomar-Re: 9.3/10

mimobot green lantern 15
mimobot green lantern 17
mimobot green lantern 05
mimobot green lantern 07
mimobot green lantern 09
mimobot green lantern 11
mimobot green lantern 03