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DayDreaming in MunnyWorld

clarkr munny

Clark R. sent us a glimpse of his MunnyWorld contest entry. It's called "DayDreaming in MunnyWorld". The first thing I thought of when I saw this piece was that old Rolitoboy figure from Rolito. I think it's just that clear plastic globe on the top of the Munny's head.



Thanks for the post!

I’m not sure which Rolito figure you mean, but I think Rolitos have oval heads/domes rather than a round head like a Munny.

Thanks again!


Oh wait, your just saying the dome is what reminds you of Rolitoboy lol.

For a second I thought you were trying to say I took the actual dome from a Rolitoboy and put it on the Munny.


yeah…it just reminds me of the Rolitoboy figure.

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