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Pecan Pal Prints

Noferin has released several ready to hang canvas prints of their popular Pecan Pal characters. Each 10" square print is 1.5" deep. There are four different prints available: Autumn Birds, Wisteria Swing, Boat Message, and Orchard Walk. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys. Look for the prints to retail around $18.00 each.

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JPK’s Greedo Custom

Jon Paul Kaiser has completed work on this Star Wars inspired custom. It's Greedo in JPK's customary black and white style. This was all done on a 5" tall Mini Munny.

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French Lowrider Artoyz Edition

Following the release of the French Lowrider "Gallery" edition, Artoyz will be releasing their version of the first Alëxone figure. Limited to only 250 pieces, this character variant features black, gray, and blue colors. It's available for €75.00 (approximately $107.00).

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Chauskoskis’ MUD!

Chauskoskis has created what might just be my favorite custom piece ever. The MUD! custom is Walter's one-off original sculpt (so I guess it's not actually a custom). It's an homage to the Coarse PAW figure...and also a take on his own Pawnny (Dunny inspired Coarse PAW ) custom.

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Hot Toys

Hot Toys x X-Men: First Class

Hot Toys has announced that they've acquired the license to the upcoming superhero blockbuster X-Men: First Class. Unveiling the beginning of the X-Men saga, revealing the secret history of famous global events, it focuses on the relationship between Professor X and Magneto and the origin of their groups, the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. […]

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Citizens of the Uglyverse

The first six Citizens of the Uglyverse are now available for pre-order from the folks at Pretty Ugly. This plush series runs $15.00 each, with each Uglydoll measuring in around 10" tall. The six new characters are (from L to R, top to bottom): Querit, Meetso, Sour Corn, Brad Luck, Nopy, and Quippy.

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DrilOne’s Custom Android Blind Box Series

On June 1st 2011 at 12PM PST, Dragatomi will be releasing a Custom Android Blind Box Series by DrilOne. There will only be 16 pieces available, with them running for $70.00 per blind box. Available customs include: Military (5/16) Vintage (4/16) Radioactive (3/16) No Trespassing (2/16) 2 Chase Figures

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BIC Plastics, DKE Toys

Marka27′s Asia Minigod

Marka27 has once again joined forces with BicPlastics to release the 15" tall Asia Minigod designer vinyl speakers. The full size Asia minigod features three points of articulation and a 2.5 hour rechargeable lithium battery. Also included are a Mini Jack cable and AC Adapter. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys. Look for them to […]

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Plush!, Toy Reviews

REVIEW: Monster Vapor – Winston Plush

Background Bravery In A Bottle is a line of aromatherapy sprays with essential oils that are supposed to create an actual soothing effect. Developed by Nancy Zazzaro, the line of sprays is targeted towards helping children overcome their fears (vaporize monsters, squash storms, infuse courage, and stave off homesickness). One of the more popular lines […]

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Kaiju Big Battel, Onell Design

Pheyden takes on Kaiju Big Battel

We announced that the Kaiju Big Battel: Leveling Las Vegas! event would take place at the Plaza Hotel & Casino on June 3rd, 2011. And Onell Design is slated to be a part of that event, with Pheyden showing up at the event. Now, Matt is showing off some of the costume bits and pieces […]

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