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Kiwi Lubies: Four Sizes

lubies kiwi 01

Rocket USA has released the Kiwi, from their popular Lubies line, in three additional sizes variants. Of course, there's still the 5" regular version that we previously reviewed. But they've added a smaller keychain version that's 3" in diameter. It has a rope hoop on the top of its head, which is where the keychain is attached. If you'd prefer the smaller Kiwi as a plush, you could always remove that.

lubies kiwi 02
lubies kiwi 03

They also released a pair of slightly larger Kiwi Lubies. There is an 8" Kiwi and a 10" Kiwi plush also available. These are nearly pillow-sized...and soft enough to use as a pillow. One thing I noticed is that it looks like the fur on the Kiwi gets shorter the larger the plush is.

lubies kiwi 05
lubies kiwi 06

These are the first animal Lubies (not MLB Lubies) that I can recall seeing produced in various sizes. And while it might not be cost effective to do this with all of the characters (I'd prefer seeing more characters than various sizes), I think they chose a good plush to start with. The Kiwi is one of my favorite Lubies because of its soft fur and goofy look.

As far as picking one of these up, I've only seen the 8" Kiwi available and that was through Amazon. I'm sure that most of the usual locations will be picking up these Lubies.

Shawnimals March NOTM: Macho Ninja

shawnimals notm march 1

Shawnimals have announced their Ninja of the Month for March 2011. Macho Ninja will be made available on March 2nd 2011 at 1PM CST. For $30.00, you'll receive the 7" Macho Ninja (100 pieces), stache-comb, character sticker and character button.

shawnimals notm march 2

"In a word: Smoooooth! Macho Ninja knows what’s happenin' at all times, baby. No plans for the weekend? Groove this — you have some now. Aw yeah! Macho Ninja's 'stache comb also holds a secret: It doubles as a weapon! Can you dig it? Wee Devils beware..."

shawnimals notm march 3

Dead Presidents’ Crimson Buildman

crimson buildman 1

So the rumors are true...Plastic and Plush does have a special Buildman (Onell Design) variant that I've had hidden away for a little while. It's done in a dark crimson red with silver highlights and black face shields. And while I'm still waiting on a few things before we release the line...there's another surprise.

We have a run of 20 custom pieces from artist Matt Walker (Dead Presidents Designs) and we're going to drop 10 of them tomorrow (Friday February 25th 2011) at 8PM EST. These are done up in old-school G.I. Joe Crimson Guard style. They sparkle in the light...just amazing work. You can pick one up for $30.00 shipped to the US (add $10 for international shipping) through our online shop.

crimson buildman 2

UK Street Art Print Nite at Corey Helford Gallery

chg walker

On February 26th, Corey Helford Gallery is pleased to present “UK Street Art Print Nite”, a selection of fine art prints from the streets of England. For this unique two-week event in the upstairs gallery, Corey Helford has curated a selection of rare and limited-edition prints by some of the most celebrated artists from the UK’s Street Art movement, including D*Face, Nick Walker, EINE, Dan Baldwin, Zeus, Will Barras and Word To Mother.

The reception for “UK Street Art Print Nite” will be an intimate gallery evening with refreshments served. Open to the public, “UK Street Art Print Nite” will take place on Saturday, February 26th 2011 from 7PM to 10PM, and the show will be on view until March 12, 2011.

chg uk

“They Came From The Streets”

tcfts poster

Urban Vinyl Daily has teamed up with their good friends at UNheardof to put together a custom toy show - "They Came From The Streets" - dedicated to the streets. For the show, the artists will use a 7" Munny as the custom canvas. The event will take place at the UNheardof brand store in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 27th and May 28th 2011. The customs will be for sale at the show and through eBay once the show is over. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Cincinnati Art Museum's after school art program.

Participating artists include:

Jason Brunson, Devious, Scott Tolleson, Alyeene Gaspar, George Gaspar, Steve Talkowski, Eyeone, Jon Chase, Tyler Macko, Gary Ham, TRV$, Andres Villegas, Jonathan Bourrouet, Chase Tafoya, Shawn Voelker, Jeremy Dale, Task One, and Carter Gilliss.

323 W 4th St.
Cincinnati, Oh

Win a Packy and Botasky Collectible Figure Set from Character Tank


Cat Shit One - originally released as a manga - has been released in DVD/Blu-Ray format. And they're giving you a chance to win a Packy and Botasky Collectible Figure Set.

Customers (US residents only) who purchase Cat Shit One DVD/Blu-ray on sold by Character Tank, Inc. between February 5th and February 28th 2011 will need to submit their Amazon order ID number, name and email address to Character Tank. This promotion will run until 11:59PM PST on February 28th 2011.

Ice & Laser Action Figure (Special Version)

ht ICE special 3
ht ICE special 4

Yesterday, we showed you the Normal Version of Hot Toys' newest figure from Winson Classic Creation's Apexplorers 2106 series. This is the 1/6th scale Ice & Laser Action Figure (Special Version), which is limited to only 400 pieces. This version of the figure features a white theme - rather than the khaki Normal Version. This figure also comes with a Limited Edition Certificate. Look for it to be released in June 2011.

ht ICE special 2
ht ICE special 1

Tracker Predator Collectible Figure with Hound

ht tracker predator 2

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Tracker Predator Collectible Figure with Hound from the Predators film. The figure set is slated to be released in late Q2 or early Q3 2011.

ht tracker predator 4
ht tracker predator 1

Accessories include:

• Three pairs of interchangeable hand
• Three interchangeable metal blades
• One rotatable left shoulder-mounted gun
• Undetachable face mask with LED light-up function
• Newly developed movie-accurate hound sculpture
• Metal chain with leather-like material for holding hound
• Leather-like skirt and straps on waist
• Pair of forearm armor with right one for inserting blade
• Pair of thigh armor
• Left waist armor
• Figure stand with Tracker Predator nameplate and movie logo

ht tracker predator 5
ht tracker predator 3

Sideshow Exclusive Cobra Viper 12-inch Figure

sideshow cobra viper 4

Sideshow will be releasing their Exclusive Cobra Viper 12-inch Figure along with their Thursday newsletter today (February 24th 2011). The newsletter is typically published between 2PM and 3PM (Pacific Time).

sideshow cobra viper 2
sideshow cobra viper 3

The Exclusive Cobra Viper 12-inch Figure will include an additional switch-out portrait with padded helmet and have an edition size of 750 pieces. Both the Exclusive and Regular versions will be priced at $134.99.

sideshow cobra viper 1
sideshow cobra viper 5