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Too Art for TV – 5

too art for tv

Erebuni Gallery, in collaboration with the curating group BunnyCutlet, is proud to host the fifth annual showing of Too Art for TV, an exhibition featuring exceptional new works from 40 animation industry artists. As an annual event, Too Art for TV serves as a reminder that there is a space for the personal, idiosyncratic musings of the animation industry artist.

Featuring the larger-than-life traditional oil paintings of animation painter Chris Fisher, the jubilant woodland encounters depicted by Jen Hill’s acrylics, the quixotic paintings of animator Kelly Denato, as well as dozens of other works by previous exhibitors. For the first time, Too Art for TV will be showcasing explosive geek-art collages by digital artist Martin Abrahams, new inks on paper by animation director John Dilworth, pulp-comic inspired oils of Titmouse Inc. founder Chris Prynoski, and more works by newcomers of the show.

The show runs from March 25th through April 23rd, 2011, with the opening reception taking place on Friday March 25th from 6:30PM to 9:30PM.

158 Roebling Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

The Velveteen Rabbit

velveteen rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit is an eco-friendly 20" tall plush toy that Daniel Nikitiuk and Denise Quesnel are attempting to produce using Kickstarter. The character is a modern antique that stars in the short film adaption of Margery Williams classic children's story.

"The Plush Toy reflects the integrity of the classic story through it's design, materials, and craftsmanship. It's made from Natural Kapok stuffing and Bamboo Rayon fabric to reduce it's environmental impact."

Cris Rose’s Rotund Mk2

cris rose rotund 2
cris rose rotund 4

Cris Rose will be releasing his latest resin series - the Rotund Mk2 - on March 2nd 2011 at 6PM London Time (1PM EST) through his webstore. The 4" original resin robot features 3 interchangeable heads. Two colorways will be released - timed for the second anniversary of the original Rotund's release in 2009.

cris rose rotund 1
cris rose rotund 3

Rotund Edition A is a run of just 12 bots in the same autumnal yellowy-orange as Sprogs Edition A. Each one comes with one clear head and two heads with black eyes. They're priced at $85.00 plus shipping.

Rotund 2 Year Anniversary Pack is a run of just 5 Rotunds and includes a matching Radcliffe Sprog, both sporting the original Dirty Copper colourway. The same three heads as Edition A are packed with this Rotund, tho the heads are sporting bright white eyes. They're priced at $140.00 plus shipping.

Here is the backstory:

"Rotund Mk1 was a companion robot designed with small children in mind, playful and simple, yet robust enough to take anything a day's play could throw at him.

Rotund Mk2 was never intended as a replacement for the Mk2, but as a companion robot for the teenage years once the Mk1's childish charms had been outgrown. Still solidly built, this 4 foot sidekick had a knack for being able to vary roles on the fly through a swift head-swap or two. The classic see-through projection dome of the Mk1 endured, a teaching aid able to display holographic representations of the study material in question (or the latest holo-thriller if correctly "tweaked"). Some new additions included a friendly-faced companion head for fun times and hijinks and a stern, multi-spectral security head to monitor the halls or enforce a curfew. The latter also had some sweet wide-angled lenses perfect for shooting skate vids for HoloTube.

Rotund Mk2 came with these 3 heads as standard, but as the unit became popular, demand for varied and unique applications ensured some interesting models became available."