Too Art for TV – 5

Erebuni Gallery, in collaboration with the curating group BunnyCutlet, is proud to host the fifth annual showing of Too Art for TV, an exhibition featuring exceptional new works from 40 … Read More

MOTUC: Battle Armor Skeletor

On Tuesday March 15th 2011 at Noon EST, will be releasing a new version of the Evil Lord of Destruction. The Battle Armor Skeletor figure is one of two … Read More

Kabuto Mushi Thermo Test Shots

The God Beast has posted some new test shots of his Kabuto Mushi Thermo colorway. He used Thermal-Dust from, which reacts to heat, and created brown, green, and vermilion … Read More

The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit is an eco-friendly 20″ tall plush toy that Daniel Nikitiuk and Denise Quesnel are attempting to produce using Kickstarter. The character is a modern antique that stars … Read More

Cris Rose’s Rotund Mk2

Cris Rose will be releasing his latest resin series – the Rotund Mk2 – on March 2nd 2011 at 6PM London Time (1PM EST) through his webstore. The 4″ original … Read More

Urrri Tihr Plush

Sashko Litvin from sent us news – and some photos – of a new plush character. Named Urrri Tihr, this little plush measures in around 8″ in height. He … Read More

Tuttz Mini Packaging

The ever secretive Eric Nocella Diaz (Argonaut Resins) has given his followers a little teaser of the upcoming blind boxed Tuttz Mini. Series 1 will be an edition size of … Read More

Boris Hoodies Available for Pre-order

The Nathan Hamill x Hitree Boris Hoodies are now available for pre-order. These have been hand sewn with love on purple American Apparel hoodies by Tina Rodas. Available in sizes … Read More

F*ING POW Skate Deck

MattyBoombatty from Smash Tokyo Toys has released his new skate deck called the “F*ING POW SEISMIC DECK”. It’s 8.25″ x 32.25″ on hard maple and runs $54.00. You can pick … Read More

Blackhole Mongrol

Bambalandstore will have this exclusive limited edition Blackhole Edition Mongrol available on Monday February 28th 2011 at 9AM Hong Kong Time (or 8PM EST on February 27th).

REVIEW: Firefly – Malcolm Reynolds

Background Even though Joss Whedon’s Firefly television series was canceled back in 2002 (into its first season), it still has a huge cult following. The show (and subsequent film) revolved … Read More

Erick Scarecrow’s Custom Eggcore

Erick Scarecrow (ESC-Toy) completed work on this crazy Eggcore custom piece. From 909Toy, the original Eggcore figure can be purchased if you’re interested ($128). But what Erick has done here … Read More