Leecifer’s 1-Offs

If you were unable to make it out to the 1-Offs show that took place this past weekend at Super7, then you missed some amazing custom work from Lee Gajda … Read More

Mega Clem Lemon

From the World of Mr. Toast, Mega Clem Lemon is just like the normal Clem Lemon only bigger, juicier and lemonier. This version measures in at 12″ tall by 7″ … Read More

Help Kickstart Blankie Series 2

Aarting Collection has started up a Kickstarter campaign to help bring their Blankie Series 2 to reality.They’re looking to get $18,000 to be pledged by Monday February 28th 2011 at … Read More

2010 GTA: Best Blind Box

Ahh…the blind box. Love them or hate them, there are plenty of blind box series out there. Most companies have their very own platform toy. Artists work their magic on … Read More

Halfbad Toyz’ Fruit Fighters

Halfbad Toyz has released their handmade Fruit Fighters figures. Need some new foes to battle your old-school M.U.S.C.L.E. figure? These are available in Single ($20.00), Tag Team ($35.00) and Fruitpocalypse … Read More

Warui Inu Email Lottery

This bad dog is the best friend of Boryoku Genjin and all other kaiju whose mothers wont let them live in the house. The Warui Inu will be offered by … Read More

Bitbots Jinny Competition Winners

Bitbots Toys has announced the winning designs for their Jinny competition. These ten designs are from eight different artists. There are plans to release these as a part of a … Read More

I Saw A Dino – Rabbit Dino

In honor of Chinese New Year this week, I Saw A Dino will be dropping a limited edition Rabbit Dino. This is a very limited run of only 10 pieces … Read More

Welcome FluffyBadBad and FluffyBooBoo

Hide your kittens, find a safe spot for your snazzy toy collection and most importantly make some room in your heart… because the newest, cutest, most diabolical chomping plush toys … Read More

Mad Collaboration

Mad Joe Customizer from Overkill Creations has posted an open invite for a crazy collaborative project. He wants to create an enormous line of resin figures to go alongside the … Read More

Red Lucky Cat Spiki

In (the) Chinese tradition, color red represents luck, good fortune, and happiness. And KusoVinyl is ready to send Lucky Cat Spiki to be the mascot and bring luck, good fortune, … Read More

Often Awesome by Anthony Sanders

The Poster Cause Project has released the “Often Awesome” poster designed by Anthony Sanders. This 12″ x 18” poster is signed and numbered by the artist and limited to a run … Read More