VC3 from robotandspark


The VC3 is the very first collectible art toy from design studio robotandspark. These will begin hitting retailers in early 2011. The figure is limited to only 500 pieces worldwide and will be available in 5 flavors and a blank DIY version.

Marketing tip...putting a half-naked woman in a photo with a small toy will probably lead to 50% of the population overlooking said toy.

6 thoughts on “VC3 from robotandspark

    1. So what does a half naked girl have to do with this toy? It just cheapens it and is a cry for attention. Let the toy speak for itself. It should be the focal point of a press photo.

  1. Well slovak34 maybe you should take a leaf out of these guys book when it comes to marketing your toys because they have already sold out of the “cheap” yellow edition in the ad campaign…

    1. I don’t think I ever said the VC3 was cheap. Please reread my above comment. But since the ad campaign was so successful, I can’t wait to see what they (you) have planned for the next colorway.

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