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Rivet Art Gallery's 4th annual plush art exhibition - Stuff This! - will feature 27 artists from their backyard to across the pond. The opening take place this Saturday (December 4th 2010) with a reception from 7PM until 10PM.

Participating artists include:

Amanda Louise Spayd, Anna Chambers, Birdenvy, Christy Kane, Cupco, Curster, Firebongo!, Flamestitch, Heidi Kenney, Kerry Kate, Lana Crooks, Megan Smithyman, Megan Stitz, Monster Factory, Nicole Aguilar, Purple Flavor, Renee Lawter, Robyn Fabsits, Russ Walko, Shawnimals, Steff Bomb, Stitches and Glue, Suzy Ultman, Tragic Stitches, Tsurubride, UAMOU, Violet Pie

The exhibition will be on display through January 23rd 2011. For any additional information, please contact

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