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REVIEW: Uglydolls – Tutulu

ugly tutulu 01


Our last Uglydoll review for 2010 might be the one with the most difficult name to say – Tutulu. It's also one of the more colorful Ugly designs from the creative duo - David + Sun-Min – behind the Uglydoll line.

Tutulu and his sister Mij are always getting into trouble. They get all A’s, they clean their room before asked to, they say “please” and “thank you” all time, and they always tell the truth. See? I know, right? Something MUST be up, totally. So perhaps you wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on them? Tutulu is obviously fond of you, as he’s used his psychic powers to call you to him. “Read my tag, read my tag.” Tutulu likes to think of himself as a sort of fortune teller. If his ears wobble when you pick him up, it means you’re going to have a lot of good luck. When his feet wiggle? Uh, that means “Good luck pal.” Which sorta sounds the same? Anyway, Tutulu sees a bright future for the both of you involving health, wealth, and cake please.

ugly tutulu 02
ugly tutulu 03

The Facts

Series: Uglydolls
Manufacturer: Pretty Ugly
Artists: David + Sun-Min
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 2 Foot – 24”; Regular – 14”; Little – 7”; Clip-on - 4”

ugly tutulu 05


The green tag features the above reprinted background story of Tutulu. There are also a pair of illustrated versions of the Tutulu character on the front and inside of the tag.

ugly tutulu 06

Our Opinion

I knew Tutulu looked familiar. Since Tutulu and Mij are brother and sister, respectively, it's only natural that they look a little alike. And they do...from the neck down. Above that, Mij looks a little buggy, while Tutulu has a nose and smaller ears.

Tutulu is one of the more colorful Uglydolls that we've come across. That's because he has the craziest teeth we've seen on an Ugly. One bright green tooth and one bright pink tooth against a blue plush body looks great. The various colors really stand out.

ugly tutulu 07

The stitching quality is great...although out of the 100+ different sized Uglydolls I've reviewed, I've never come across a substandard sewing job. It's also perfect pillow soft...for napping.

OVERALL: I just love all of the bright colors that you're getting in Tutulu. Usually we see one, maybe two, bright colors on an individual Uglydoll. But Tutulu is rocking out three. He's like a pack of highlighter markers.

You can pick one up at the following: $50.00 - $20.00 - $10.00 - $6.00
Frozen Empire Toys: 12" Tutulu - $18.50

Uglydoll - Tutulu Grades

Plush Quality: 9/10
    Stitching: 9/10
    Material: 9/10
Softness: 8/10
Packaging/Tag: 7/10
Cuteness: 9/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 9/10

Overall: 9.2/10

ugly tutulu 04
ugly tutulu 08

Ashley Wood’s Acolyte ZOMB

bambaland zomb
bambaland 4ZMBY

ThreeA and Ashley Wood have another amazing figure available for pre-order. The Acolyte ZOMB 1/6th figure is currently available wearing four different boiler suits (orange, yellow, black and a secret suit). Each figure will feature random dark hair. You can pick up the orange, yellow or black boiler suit figure for $80.00 each. Or...if you want a set of four figures - including the exclusive mysterious original Albino Zomb head - that will run $280.00. Look for them to begin shipping in April 2011...but hurry because they're sure to sell out.

The Art of Bukubuku

rivet bukubuku

Rivet Gallery will be ringing in the new year with the opening of The Art of Bukubuk - a solo show featuring the adorably cute artwork of Silvia Portella Torres. She was scheduled to be in a February 2010 show, however, her package was lost in transit and landed at Rivet four months later.

The opening reception will take place on Saturday, January 1st 2010 from 6PM to 8PM and will be on display through January 30th. This show will feature mixed media works as well as original framed prints.

1200 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

Care Bears: Share-A-Bear Series

pi share a bear

Play Imaginative has teamed up with American Greetings to introduce the Care Bears: Share-A-Bear Series. There are 34 Care Bears to choose from, and the gist of the series is that you're supposed to write a little message on the back of the bear's head...and then give it to someone special.

I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with the designer toy world...but it's sorta retro and from a company that produces designer figures. I just hope I get Grumpy Bear...

January 2011 NOTM: Sniper Ninja

notm01 front

The guys from Shawnimals are set to release the first Ninja of the Month for 2011: Sniper Ninja. Just like 2010, each Ninja of the Month release is limited to 100 pieces and comes with a signed and numbered hang tag, and a number of fun add-ons or accessories.

Sniper Ninja comes from the classic Nintendo DS game from last year, armed with a trusty wasabi pea slingshot, taking aim at countless Flying Devils above.

These will be released on Wednesday January 5th 2010 beginning at 1PM CST. Pick one up for $30.00.

notm01 tag
notm01 slingshot2

VC3 from robotandspark


The VC3 is the very first collectible art toy from design studio robotandspark. These will begin hitting retailers in early 2011. The figure is limited to only 500 pieces worldwide and will be available in 5 flavors and a blank DIY version.

Marketing tip...putting a half-naked woman in a photo with a small toy will probably lead to 50% of the population overlooking said toy.

Motomichi Nakamura’s K. from Kinekt Design

kinekt k 1

Kinekt Design has announced the release of their first vinyl figure. Designed in collaboration with Motomichi Nakamura, K. was introduced in an animated short - "fabriKation" - viewable on the main page of the Kinekt website. "Aesthetically, the figure is composed of circular shapes to convey the idea of buttons, gears, light-emitting diodes, and other electronic and mechanical components."

The 3" tall K. vinyl figure is limited to a run of 500 pieces. It's currently available for $25.00 shipped (in the US).

kinekt k 2

Day 12 of Giveaways: Winners

onell PhaseHunterArmed

Yes...we went out of order and announced the winners for Day 13 before Day 12, but that's because a few new prizes were added to our Onell Design giveaway.

onell CLU CycleOFF 2

I'd like to thank Matt Doughty and Onell Design for providing four great prizes. He went crazy creating great prizes for this contest. 

Phase Hunter Heavy Gunner - John Kent

C.L.U. custom bike and figure - krakit

RXH Clear Sarvos Mini@oOMoSOo

"One of Everything" from Onell's recent launch - @MindlessFocus

Winners...please email us through the Contact Us page with your shipping info.

contest onell RXH ClearSarvosMini 2

Joe Ledbetter’s Chinese Zodiac Mini Series

pi chinese zodiac

I must say...these look pretty impressive. 2011 will bring the release of Joe Ledbetter's Chinese Zodiac Mini Series from Play Imaginative. The Chinese Zodiac is based on a 12 year cycle, which is why the mini series will have 12 different figures. My favorite? It might come down to the rat or the rooster.