The Main Event: Stomper


Stomper is the handmade designer resin figure from Poland. Not yet released, the original character is from There will be a total run of 100 resin pieces. The first release will involve 12 white pieces and 12 black pieces.

3 thoughts on “The Main Event: Stomper

    1. Hi…
      This is just coincidence. For me they show different sense. For me the
      most important think was to made non-feeling figure which will be a very
      good canvas for artist. Karuzo have own nature and have own different
      option to make customize
      There is a little similarity between them but i think that they are
      evoking different emotions when you look at them.
      I’ll inform about opening of the website.
      Wait to November…

      1. Thanks for the reply, good to hear from you that this is a unlucky coincidence…

        Certainly, they both are very different in essence, hope all people notice it. good luck on you project.


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