Onell’s Axis Joints

onell Axis Builds

Onell Design has posted some shots of their new Axis Joints attached to a standard Buildman. These allow for a greater range of motion, and - from what I remember - almost appear to function like ball joints.

2 thoughts on “Onell’s Axis Joints

  1. these actually are nothing like a ball joint system. if you look an the sphereical pieces that have been added you can see the slit down the middle this allows them to spin arround to create bend in the arms and legs and things so although making the glyos figure mch more poseably verasatile then they were they will not allow nearly the kind of range a ball joint system would. still these are pretty stinkin cool.

  2. I only got a chance to look at the demo figure at NYCC – didn’t have a chance to actually take it apart to see. But I must say that they appear to move a lot easier than previous Glyos figures.

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