C.R.A.P. Jouwe Custom from Rotobox

roto crap 1 roto crap 2

One of the top customizers out there - Rotobox - will be taking part in the Jouwe Custom Show. They've revealed their custom piece...and man, is it crap. Actually...that's C.R.A.P. as in Compact Retaliation Armored Pod. And what would an armored pod be without a pilot?

roto crap 3 roto crap poster

3 thoughts on “C.R.A.P. Jouwe Custom from Rotobox

  1. I heard my wife last night saying ahhhhh so cute and i thought she was looking at baby pics. But know she was looking at this custom from @rotobox. She likes the little guy. Great job and the wife approves.

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