Nerds vs. Westboro Baptist Church

The Sucklord sent one of his minions - Vectar the Intolerable - along with the mimoZine film crew to visit the Westboro Baptist Church demonstrators at San Diego Comic Con. If you've never heard of the church, they also go by the name "God Hates Fags". They picket soldiers funerals, churches, synagogues, American Idol concerts, and now SDCC 2010. There's a mature audience warning on this video for a reason...some rather strong language is contained in the video (but it's entertaining).

One thought on “Nerds vs. Westboro Baptist Church

  1. If the westborro baptist church truly believed all they spouted they would not be in America. It says in the book of revelation to come out of Babylon the great. So they would have bought tickets to leave the country instead of being haters within the country. Ergo this cult is about hatred and not what god thinks.

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