Dookie-Poo Summer Sale

dookie plush sale

Chaotic Unicorn is having their 2nd annual Dookie Poo Summer Sale. A trio of plush characters from Pooville - Dookie-Poo, Dookie-Bloo, and Tofu - are all on sale for two weeks. There will also be free stickers and buttons with each purchase while supplies last. The set runs $50.00.

One thought on “Dookie-Poo Summer Sale

  1. Hey thanks for the post! We have everything at the store on sale, including the sold out glow in the dark Zombie-poo’s. Shipping is only 5 bucks in the US and Canada and I only have 12 sets left. The Dookie-bloo’s are sold out just about everywhere. So one I sell these last 12 that’s it, no more.

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