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Reader Sir Donuts came across something rather interesting. After seeing artwork for Jon Schiller's upcoming SINS! line, he thought something looked familiar. Well, if you check out his "Jon Schiller Likes To Trace" post, you can see some rather striking similarities between Jon's "original" SINS! line and some other anime characters.

I know of a number of artists who read the site here at Plastic and Plush and I would really be interested in their feedback. Do you think this is a case of "unintentional similarities" or "flat-out plagiarism"? Has your artwork ever been copied and passed off as someone else's original?

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4 thoughts on “You thought we wouldn’t notice…

  1. this is Jon the design of little 9, I received e-mails about this problem which as of late last night and today took care of this problem as to make it clear to everyone that one I am not the designer I not in charge of that anymore I got a designer which does my art for me, and cause of this problem he has been released ( fired! )

    because on this situation as of now, I removed everything and on site and in few days I myself will do the art for now and official I am sorry and I thank you addressing this issue I was unaware of that my designer was doing poses of this characters.

    I hope you can be understanding, so in couple day the work will be my personal designs from me. I hope you can very understand.

    Also hope that you can remove the post that can cause this situation while I am fixing this issue correctly.
    By Friday I should have new work up from me.

    thank you for addressing this to me.

  2. Mhm. Yeah, something tells me you’re still full of it. I saw your stuff before it was all taken down. Your work seems like an empty marketing scheme with nothing to back it up. Just a hollow brand that’s failing miserably.

    1. Everything “Jon Schiller Design” related (website, MySpace page, Email, Flickr) seemed to have disappeared. You search those terms and all you see are articles similar to this one and comparison photos.

  3. jon – it’s a very lame excuse you come up with now.
    now you will be the designer??? before you was too busy? c’mon…
    you never said at any point that your stuff was done by another artist of your company – from the first appearance you sold all little9 designs as your own idea/design…
    so you better give yourself a break, disappear for a while and change your name – because everything you came up with was based on plagiarism…


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