Mandark: Night Time Warriors

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Mandark has created a number of custom Buff Monster/Dunny fusions and called the lot of them the "Night Time Warriors". These are "Children ready to take on all Nightmares, Boogie monsters and sand men" and based on the artist's 7" Custom Munny "Lil Nite Night".

The Night Time Warriors are 3" mini versions that come in blind box packaging. There are 4 types to pull in this series: The Soldier 兵士, Killer キラー, Stalker ストーカー and Super Soldier スーパー兵士. The Super Soldier is a one-off chase piece that includes a little jet pack and metallic suit.

These customs will sell for $25 apiece and be available at the Dragatomi booth (#3848) at San Diego Comic Con.

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