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ESC-Toy’s Secret Releases

esc secret project

Erick Scarecrow dropped some sneaks of another Pearly Guardian Papa Sama last week. They received inquiries regarding it, but as of now, can't reveal much. It'spart of Erick's new project codenamed "Project X 9999". Final unveil will be sometime in the Fall.

esc SM secret promo

Also on the secret front...those who pay attention to ESC-Toy's tweets were able to grab the first two secret releases of the year. The First was the Soopa Maria Mee-Kay "Secret Release Part 1" and the second Soopa Maria Shori 18" "Secret Release Part 2". Although we can't say when Secret Release Part 3 will be helps to follow them on Twitter.

Diesel Sculpt

pt diesel 1
pt diesel 2

Patch Together has posted several work-in-progress shots of the upcoming Diesel resin figure. This is just the preliminary sculpt, so things might change around a little bit before the production piece is released.

Jen E and Ritzy P – Supreme Goods


Jen E and Ritzy P have debuted their Supreme Goods line. It includes Precious Pendants, Best-Ever Bowls and Tiny Treasures. All of the products can be viewed through their Etsy page.

Jen E, born Jen Kuroki, is a potter/art director based in LA. She’s played with clay for over 10 years. Three of those years she spent in Japan, developing her whimsical style that incorporates the vernacular of contemporary visual culture with a sense of tradition and history.

Ritzy Periwinkle, aka Marisa Estrada, is a LA-based artist/designer with roots in urban art and music culture. Working in illustrations, graphics, mix media, and vinyl toys, she complements her gritty style with a light and positive vibe.

Toy Lords of Chinatown: Episode 1

The Super Sucklord is back at it again, with possibly the most entertaining video he's produced. Toy Lords of Chinatown is a new series of short episodes that take you into the underground toy trade. Check out the synopsis:

A new series from Suckadelic depicting the Supervillain bootleg wars below Canal Street. This multi-part epic begins to explain the backstory of the mysterious SUPER SUCKORD and his enemies as he tries to hold his position of Action Figure King on the mean streets of New York City's Chinatown. Look out for sneak peaks of new Suckadelic products placed throughout the episode as well as cameos by old classics...

REVIEW: Ridley Hooper

ridley 01


Ridley Hooper is the reluctant protagonist of Bob K.'s cult black and white horror serial - Elsie Hooper. The character’s main objective is to find his younger sister, Elsie, and battle the shadwomen along the way. Ridley is the first character in a limited run of figures from the Elsie Hooper serial that will be produced and released by Patch Together.

ridley 02
ridley 04

The Facts

Ridley Hooper
Series: Elsie Hooper
Manufacturer: Patch Together
Artist: Bob K.
Material: Resin
Dimensions: 7” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Accessories: Shotgun, pink lawn flamingo, sidewalk base

ridley 03
ridley 05


The Ridley Hooper figure is packaged in what’s become Patch Together’s standard packaging. It’s a blank white box with Styrofoam on the inside. (Styrofoam is a personal enemy of always seem to get everywhere)

ridley 07

Our Opinion

I had never heard of Elsie Hooper or Ridley Hooper or even artist Bob K. It’s a shame that it’s taken so long for me to find out about this black and white serial (it’s been around since 2002). Apparently, there have been talks about producing a film based on the cult comic.

The Ridley Hooper resin figure is packaged in four pieces: Ridley Hooper, hot pink lawn flamingo, shotgun and sidewalk base. The Ridley figure can fit into pre-cut slots in the base, but it’s a balancing act (I guess you could glue it in there). The shotgun can be held in his hand or slung over Ridley’s shoulder. And the flamingo can be placed in the base (there’s a hole for it) or stowed in Ridley’s clenched right hand.

ridley 06

This sculpt is based on the “changed” portrait of Ridley Hooper – I won’t give it away, in case you’re interested in reading the story. But the sculpt is a fairly good likeness of the character – from the face to the sweat suit. The only issue I might raise is the flamingo. The entire comic is done in black and white, so the flamingo isn’t “true” to the material. But it probably looks better than a white or gray flamingo would.

As far as the price goes…$49.95 seems to be a lot for a 7” tall production resin piece. I know that the artist has addressed this and Patch Together will be selling subsequent figures from the Elsie Hooper line around $29.95. That sounds much more reasonable. But if you’re a huge fan of the black and white serial, I’m sure you’ll pony up the cash to get the only Ridley Hooper figure out there.

You can pick one up at the following: $49.95

Ridley Hooper Grades

Figure Quality: 8/10
   Sculpt: 8/10
   Paint: 8/10
Accessories/Outfit: 7/10
Packaging: 5/10
Durability: 6/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 5/10

Overall: 7.1/10

Thirstin – Martini Time

thirstin MartiniTime 2010

Artist Pierre Rouzier has released a new figure for 2010. Thirstin - Martini Time is a limited edition resin sculpture (or 'bar ware' decor) that's currently available through the PiNkJazz-sculptor's studio store.

The cocktail critter is limited to a run of 25 pieces. You can pick one of these great, unique figures for $165 plus shipping and handling.

Tiger Spiki Custom

tiger spiki 1

Tony Shiau (Nakanari) finished working on his new custom Tiger Spiki. This was a one-off custom commission for my die-hard Spiki collector. So, unfortunately, you don't have a shot at picking one up. But I guess you could always commission Nakanari to customize your own special SPiki figure.

tiger spiki 2

Comic Stripped Dunny #2

vise comic 1

Somewhere along the line I must have lost track of the number of Comic Stripped Dunny's that VISEone has created. This is the Comic Stripped Dunny #2. It features what appears to be a Dunny head squeezed out of a black paint tube.

vise comic 2
vise comic 3


Sideshow’s Gamorrean Guard

sideshow GG 02

Sideshow has made their 12" tall Gamorrean Guard figure available for pre-order. This character features an all new articulated figure body, detailed costume including authentic leather belt and fur elements, a Vibro-ax, Polearm, and two sets of switch-out hands.

Currently available for $119.99 each, look for everyone's favorite green pig - the Gamorrean Guard - to ship in 4Q of 2010.

sideshow GG 01
sideshow GG 03
sideshow GG 04


DIY Qee Custom Event at Jinxed

jinxed Toy2R

On Saturday June 26th 2010, the opening of the DIY Qee Custom Event will be held at Jinxed in Philadelphia. As a part of the ongoing Toy2R 15th Anniversary Celebration Tour, the show opens at 6PM and will feature customized 8" Qees by:

Dave Fox, Jason Goldberg, Jude Ianelli, Steve Tibieri, Dave Weeks, Papermonster, Dan Hughes, Delirious, Crystal Shepard, Bird, Monique Ligons, The Gus, Joey Gothelf, Furry Couch, Katie Perdue, Joe Knuckles, Dave Glass, Nosego, Ronnie Bullets, Robert Kraiza and Kate Collins

Jinxed is located at 2nd & Germantown Ave at The Piazza at Schmidts.