Matt Walker’s HazmaT

Matt Walker, of Dead Presidents Designs, has posted a little teaser of the first figure from his new toy line – Cosmic Squadron. The first figure is named “HazmaT”. Matt … Read More

Beat Tweet Beat Street

Mr. Riffbear is back with another stop-motion toy video – Beat Tweet Beat Street. This nearly two minute long video features Joe Ledbetter’s Terror & Magnus, Erick Scarecrows Soopa Maria, … Read More

Sucklord’s Dumny Bootleg

Straight from the Super Sucklord’s new short film – Toy Lords of Chinatown – you can pick up one of the super secret bootleg Dumny figures. Straight from the Success … Read More

Fire Robo

Super7 has revealed the next member of the Monster Family – Jeremy Whiteaker’s Fire Robo. The first version, which is coming soon, is cast in black vinyl with maroon, silver … Read More

Tenacious Toys’ Exclusive Silver Tuttz Wave 1

Argonaut Resins has announced that Tenacious Toys’ Exclusive Silver Tuttz Wave 1 will include two chase figures along with their four metallic silver counterparts. The darker silver “Robo Tuttz” features … Read More

A Dark Whisper by Brandi Milne

Artist Brandi Milne has posted up a video showing her inking process. She is inking the elephant from her A Dark Whisper acrylic on wood painting. I’m not sure if … Read More

ESC-Toy’s Secret Releases

Erick Scarecrow dropped some sneaks of another Pearly Guardian Papa Sama last week. They received inquiries regarding it, but as of now, can’t reveal much. It’spart of Erick’s new project … Read More

Diesel Sculpt

Patch Together has posted several work-in-progress shots of the upcoming Diesel resin figure. This is just the preliminary sculpt, so things might change around a little bit before the production … Read More

Jen E and Ritzy P – Supreme Goods

Jen E and Ritzy P have debuted their Supreme Goods line. It includes Precious Pendants, Best-Ever Bowls and Tiny Treasures. All of the products can be viewed through their Etsy … Read More

Toy Lords of Chinatown: Episode 1

The Super Sucklord is back at it again, with possibly the most entertaining video he’s produced. Toy Lords of Chinatown is a new series of short episodes that take you … Read More

REVIEW: Ridley Hooper

Background Ridley Hooper is the reluctant protagonist of Bob K.’s cult black and white horror serial – Elsie Hooper. The character’s main objective is to find his younger sister, Elsie, … Read More

Thirstin – Martini Time

Artist Pierre Rouzier has released a new figure for 2010. Thirstin – Martini Time is a limited edition resin sculpture (or ‘bar ware’ decor) that’s currently available through the PiNkJazz-sculptor’s … Read More