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Hair Of The Dog

mitch mugs

Mitch O'Connell's first tiki mugs - from Muntiki - is beginning to take shape. These 'Hair Of The Dog' Tiki Mugs don't appear to be the finalized (I guess there are some minor color tweaks). But these would be perfect for your summertime beverage consumption.

Rotobox Custom Celsius

unicorn gundam TEASER

With the Ganmetall Celsius Custom Show on the horizon, the guys at Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica are showing off one of the new customs that will be on display at the Toy Art Gallery (TAG) in LA. To see the real Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, you'll need to actually attend the show.

Soopa Maria Shori

soopa shori

ESC-Toy has revealed their Secret Release Part 2. This is a brand new Soopa Maria Shori by Erick Scarecrow. It was a secret release from 2009 and only 1 Artist Proof is currently available. The 18" tall hand painted resin figure is signed, numbered and packed in hand cut Styrofoam by artist in the Scarecrow box. This is the 7th colorway in the Soopa Maria series. It's currently available on ebay, with a price of $1,000.

Moth People Mini-Dolls

cupco moth

Today, (June 3, 2010) Cupco will be releasing a new line of Mini-Dolls. The Moth People series consists of 12 unique handmade dolls in 6 different colors. Each one comes with a hand-printed art card and header card. The plush features a detachable head so you can swap it up with your other Cupco Mini-Dolls.

Cirque Du Siamese

gham cirque du siamese

Gary Ham has introduced us to his newest wood toy - Cirque Du Siamese. Hugo and Bruto Bassen are the siamese twin master of circusdom. Available at San Diego Comic Con, these hand painted wooden toys will feature 10 points of articulation. Only 12 of them will be made available...more details as we get closer.

Roller the Reindeer

toy2r roller

David Horvath has posted the first photos of his 5" tall Roller the Reindeer vinyl figure from Toy2R. While there's not a set ship date, he is said to be arriving shortly. And he'll definitely be here in time for the Christmas holidays - to place next to Rudolph...and you can always add Bossy Bear to the mix. Look for these to retail around $18.

roller 2

Starfleet IWG Series

starfleet iwg 1

Rocket World is traveling where no man has gone before! And we're lucky enough to get our first look at their Starfleet IWG Series. This lineup combines your favorite Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo characters with your favorite Star Trek characters.

starfleet iwg 2
starfleet iwg 3

Each 7.5" figure comes with their very own phaser, tricorder, communicator and furry tribble. These are each limited to a numbered run of 300 pieces, retailing for $50.00 each. But there will be a special SDCC price of $100 when all three figures are bought as a set at Comic Con.

starfleet iwg 4
starfleet iwg 5
starfleet iwg 6

Condiments Vinylmation

vinyl condiments 1

Disney will be releasing this series of six of the most important condiments on your table - in Vinylmation form. These will be limited edition...and while most of the designs aren't inspiring...I do like the honey bottle figure.

vinyl condiments 2

Monstrehero Sculpt Peek

monstre frankiespy

Check out the newest sculpt from Sean of Monstrehero. Yeah...the photo might have been taken using a 1979 Polaroid...but that's why they call it a sneak peek. But from what I see, I like this sculpt. A little Frankenstein with a great 1980s toy feel.