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Cursed by M.A.R.T.A.

cursed 1
cursed 2

Artist M.A.R.T.A. has created and sculpted this kaiju character named Cursed. The blank sculpt was then painted up by Dedo. I believe this is only a one off I'm not sure what to do if you want to get your hands on one.

Mike – The Polar Bear (True Type)

MPB mike1200
MPB mikePR2

Phalanx Creative have turned their Mr. Power figure into a small run of custom figures. Mike - The Polar Bear (True Type) custom is made using a Mr. Power figure with "Bear Tribe" resin parts. These bill be hand made by the designers of Phalanx Studio.

The Mike figure will be a limited edition to 20 pieces. You'll be able to pick one up for $160 (not include shipping). The estimated date of delivering will be in middle of July. For more information of to order one, you can email

Thorium Wars Paper Foldables

pf thorium 1

Bryan from Paper Foldables has designed several new pieces for Big John Games, promoting their futuristic vehicle shooter DSiWare video game - Thorium Wars. The set includes Cerberus Tank, UTU Skyfighter, and Manticore vehicles.

pf utu

"This set is more difficult to assemble than my typical Paper Foldables, but with some time and some tape, you'll have a nice little keepsake!" And now you can download and create your own Thorium Wars Paper Foldables set here.

pf cerberus
pf manticore

Mobster Anubis

pt mobster 1
pt mobster 2

Patch Together has posted a few photos of their Mobster Anubis resin figure. From artist Samotage, this is set to be an 8" tall resin piece. It makes complete sense since whenever I think of mobsters, I think of Egyptian gods.

4-Inch Bat Boy Vinyl

bat boy

From the Weekly World News comes the first ever Bat Boy 4" figure. This vinyl figure is a joint production between Go Hero and Funko. Look for the creepy little bat - and supermarket tabloid star - to retail around $12.50. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

Kaiju Dragigus – Painted

max dragigus

There's a new photo of Max Toy Co's Kaiju Dragigus vinyl figure. This one is painted up by master toy painter Goto-san, The character (Dragigus) is one of Kaiju Drazoran's brothers...and he's getting close to being released. My hope is that those little tanks are included.

Toy Break Episode 122: Lucky Tiger

Toy Break Episode 122: Lucky Tiger features the guest spot on the couch filled by Daniel Goffin. He joins George and Ayleen as they take a look at PecanPals, Bad Pete Boba Fett, and more Masters of the Universe Classics.

Billy and The Atomic Esophagus

Atomic billy bethoven 2
Atomic billy bethoven 3

"Billy and The Atomic Esophagus" is a custom piece that Bob Conge (Plaseebo) made for a friend of many years to commemorate his battle and miraculous recovery from esophageal cancer. Here's how Bob describes the piece:

It is, I think, a trophy of sorts. Billy fought this war courageously for the better part of the past year and returned from deaths door, cancer free, a few weeks ago. We had lunch and I presented him with this small token of my gratitude for our continuing friendship. He replied with a smile.

Atomic billy bethoven 5
Atomic billy bethoven led c

tyrannoCECILrex Sculpt

nh cecil proto

Well...we sorta knew that this one would be announced one of these days. Nathan Hamill has unveiled the sculpt for his tyrannoCECILrex character. He'll be doing a small run of 4" tall resin pieces, with the first batch to be available at SDCC 2010. Each figure will include a limited edition print of the character...although pricing and run size haven't been revealed.

nh cecil print

Qee Designer Collection Series 6

qee 6

Toy2R has released the latest teaser ad for their upcoming Designer Collection of 2.5″ Artist Qees arriving next month. In addition to showing the designs, the ad also has figure ratios (always of important to collectors).

Series 6 includes designs from Frank Kozik, DGPH, Peskimo, Lisa Petrucci, Doink, Daniel Jarrett, DrilOne, Raymond Choy, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Cameron Tiede and Charlie Mewshaw.