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Mini Ghosties

mini ghosties

Emily Bee has posted several new Mini Ghosties handmade plushies up to her Etsy page. These are approximately 2.5" tall and 2" wide and are made with felt, buttons and stuffing.  You'll be able to pick them up for $6.00 each.

Monster-Maker Contest


CurlyQ Cuties is having a contest to help design a new monster body for their Monster-Maker. You'll need to send them a drawing of your design - give it a name and make sure to put your name, email address, and telephone number on your drawing. They’ll narrow the submissions down to 5 or fewer choices and put them up for a public vote. The owner of the selected design will receive $50 and the first Monster ever made with their new Monster body.

Pictures of bodies can be emailed to them or sent via U.S. Mail to:

CurlyQ Cuties LLC
PO Box 1871
Cedar Park, TX 78630
Attn: Body Contest

Submissions will be accepted until July 31, 2010. Public voting will take place in August 2010. More details can be found here.

A Little Stranger: Redcoat Custom

redcoat 1

Holly's (A Little Stranger) latest custom, Redcoat, is an 8″ Qee that's on his way to the Civil War and Our Founding Fathers show. The custom includes taxidermy eyes, sculpey and a fluffy faux fur coat. She created a bio, explaining what the character is about and the inspiration behind him:

Meet Redcoat, a monster older than he looks. He journeyed to America with the British Army and it was during the American Revolution he realised that all men (and presumably monsters) were created equal and that like, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was more his style, just like the founding fathers. Redcoat lives in the forests of New England (he’s English after all) and now spends his days in the sunshine tearing about with the squirrels.

As a British Artist i wanted to bring something very English to the theme of the show. I love the bold colour and iconic white cross design of the redcoats and thought they would be interesting as an animal’s ur, as if the animals were intrinsically patriotic and brave. Redcoats oak branch antlers give contrast against his fluffy fur coat.

redcoat 2



playge doc albino multi

PLAYGE DOCTOR [albino] is the newest figure from the guys behind Jamungo. Limited to 100 pieces, the 6" vinyl will be made available through the Project Squadt webstore on Wednesday June 9th 2010 at 12:00 Noon Central Time.

The PLAYGE DOCTOR includes 2 sets of arms, jeweled 'hidden' sword-cane, shotty, doctor cloak with revolve pattern, cloth hood, vinyl hat, and a removable helmet. The figure will run $85.00, which includes worldwide shipping via FEDEX or EMS.

Racer Target Dog Qee

target Racer Qee 1

Toy2R proudly waves the checkered flag as the third 2.5" Qee in the exclusive Target Collection is now available. The Racer Target Dog Qee is available exclusively through the online Target Company Store for $7.99 each.

target Racer Qee 2


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 8″ Plushies

mezco scott

Mezco Toyz presents the 8" tall plush Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers from the upcoming Universal Studios Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (due out in August 2010).

Mezco’s 8” plush figures capture the wide-eyed enthusiasm and quirky nature of Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers. Scott wears his jeans and trademark SP shirt, while Ramona sports her famous skates and her goggles.

The set is currently available for pre-order through MezcoDirect for $30.

mezco ramona

Septimus Tigris, Roman Legionary

jpk Standard Front
jpk Top View

Jon Paul Kaiser's latest custom is a 3" tall Dunny he did for krash from the KR boards. His only request was that Jon make the custom tiger-themed - which led to him creating a Roman soldier wearing a tiger pelt as a trophy. As you can see, there's some added color to contrast with the black and white we usually see in JPK's customs.

jpk LookingLeft
jpk LookingRight


Monster Magnets Sets 6 and 7

argo MMset6a

Eric has fixed the busted sets 6 and 7 of Argonaut Resins' Monster Magnets have gone up for sale through their online store. Both sets will feature a new Demon Blood Crystal clear tint red piece. Set 6 will be cast in a light gray resin and set 7 will be cast in a darker gray resin. Pick it up - while it lasts - for $45.00.

Atticus x Vannen and Brian Ewing’s Black Curse

vannen the black curse 1

Atticus x Vannen have unleashed Brian Ewing's Black Curse Watch. The Black Curse watch is exclusively available at the 1Louder shop (owned by Atticus) on Melrose Ave and at The total run of 100 watches are split into two sets of 50. Both editions share the same watch design, but with a subtle difference: the Atticus version features a variant loop and back casing graphic.

vannen the black curse 3

Both watches come with extras. The edition comes with a signed and numbered 8"x10" giclee print (on acid free velvet cotton rag with archival inks) designed specifically for this release and available nowhere else. The Vannen watch and print set retails for $95. The Atticus edition of The Black Curse is packaged with a red Atticus logo T-shirt and retails for $80.

vannen the black curse 2

Make Your Own Plush Class with Michal Wright-Ward

make plush flyer

The Make Your Own Plush Class with Michal Wright-Ward at Blue Rooster Art Supplies - Los Angeles, CA will help teach you how to turn your designs into a plush toy. The class will cover every step from the initial design drawing, through construction, pattern making, fabric choice and sewing. You'll need to bring drawing (a doodle will do, more than one is welcome too) you would like to turn into plush. Their motto is that they teach you how to make the plush you want to make, looking for creative ways to make it happen.

The cost for the 4 sessions (Saturdays from 11AM until 2PM) is $150. Upcoming classes are taking place from June 19th through July 10th 2010 and from August 7th through August 28th 2010.

Blue Rooster Art Supplies
1718 N. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 661-9471