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Slobot Custom Qee Eggs

MikeSlobot SilberMikroGrunMikro 15AnnivQees Both2

The Qeeology 2.5 Show opened up last night, and one of the artists who saw some of his customs on display was Mike Slobots. These are a set of 3” Egg Qees – Slobots “silbermikro-10a” and “grunmikro-10a”. These customs feature glow-in-the-dark wire connectors and mirrored eyes.

MikeSlobot GrunrMikro 15AnnivQees 4
MikeSlobot GrunrMikro 15AnnivQees 3
MikeSlobot SilberMikro 15AnnivQees 1
MikeSlobot SilberMikro 15AnnivQees 2

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