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Clem Lemon – Redesigned

clem new

Clem Lemon is back from The World of Mr. Toast with a slightly redesigned look. He's bright yellow, fuller and rounder. Look for these to retail around $7 each. And for wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

clem old

While You Were Dreaming

rivet dreaming

Rivet will be opening their next art exhibition on June 5th 2010. It is a three artist show titled “While You Were Dreaming” featuring the work of Jeremiah Ketner, Johnny Yanok and Kat Brunnegraff. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, June 5th from 7PM until 10PM with all three artists in attendance. Complimentary beverages will be on hand from Magic Hat. The exhibition will run through June 30th.

Vannen Artist Watches Series 2

vannen series2

Vannen Watches has announced the artists that will be taking part in their Series 2 line of designer art inspired watches. Hitting shelves on June 11th 2010, the line will feature artwork from Bigfoot, Blaine Fontana, Thomas Han and Travis Lampe. Definitely a strong group...we're just waiting to see some sneak peeks.

The Lout – Slimer Edition

the lout

Motorbot has made the Slimer version of The Lout rotocast resin figure available for pre-order. It's limited to 10 pieces, with pre-orders available from today through June 4th 2010 (mailing out the week on June 7th). The Lout - Slimer Edition stands in at 5" tall and glows in the dark. You can pick one up for $50 through the Dead Bear webshop.

Tonner’s Tamina TCF

tonner persia tamina 2

The second figure from Tonner Doll Company's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is the Tamina TCF. The character, who is portrayed by Gemma Arterton, is a princess who aids Prince Dastan on his quest to protect the dagger.

The Tamina TCF is dressed in harem pants and a shimmering brocade tunic. Accessories include metallic slippers and the Amulet of Time Child necklace.

This figure is limited to a run of only 500 pieces. You'll be able to pick one up for $179.99.

tonner persia tamina 1
tonner persia tamina 3


tpc VISEone 03
tpc VISEone 04

VISEone has unveiled this unnamed character that he created and sculpted last year to be part of the logo of a German toystore named Hes been changed slightly from the original, to give the character some added chunkiness and cuteness.

Only 30 pieces will be cast in resin: 10 to 15 will be available through THINK-PINK-CELLE and 10 to 15 will be customized by VISEone. The original colorway will be green with a pink removable transparent brain. The customs will also come with removable brains.

The character still hasn't been named. So if you want to win a customized figure, you can send VISEone an email (contact (at) viseone (dot) de) with a suggested name that fits. A winner will be picked and notified during the next couple of weeks.

tpc VISEone 05
tpc VISEone 01

Tonner’s Prince Dastan TCF

tonner persia 2

Tonner has revealed photos of their Prince of Persia Tonner Character Figures. Prince Dastan, portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal, navigates the lands of Persia on a quest to protect an ancient dagger containing the Sands of Time.

This highly detailed TCF comes dressed in a cotton wrap shirt, distressed twill pants, a cotton scarf, faux leather belt with working buckles, sleeveless cloak with metal adornments, and faux leather boots. Accessories include faux leather armbands, bracelets, necklace, socks, head wrap, and a painted resin dagger.

The Prince Dastan TCF is a limited edition of 1,000 pieces. It will retail around $209.99.

tonner persia 1
tonner persia 3

Brian Ewing’sThe Black Curse

vannen black curse

If you're into telling time - art great artwork - then you've probably heard of Vannen Watches. They recently dropped this teaser image of Brian Ewing's upcoming watch design named The Black Curse. The one pictured is the Atticus version, which will be sold exclusively at 1Louder on Melrose in Los Angeles.

The Black Curse is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and is a cross-over watch available only at and 1Louder. The design is split into two versions of 50 pieces each. Each box is signed and number by the artist. Look for this watch to be released on June 4th 2010.

REVIEW: Ricemon and Riceroar

rice monsters 01


The London based Noodoll Studio has released stationary, bags, books, wallets, keychains, and – of course, our favorites – plushies. The products are based on the designs of artist YiYing. We were able to get our hands on a pair of their plush Rice Monster characters – Ricemon and Riceroar – from the Evil Forest section…between Noodoll Town and Rice Town.

Riceroar “likes to scare the Rice Towners especially children by opening his big mouth and roars!” Ricemon “is always hungry and is always looking for a fresh Riceapple!... but when he can't find a fresh Riceapple, he becomes a grumpy old monster.

rice monsters 06

The Facts

Ricemon and Riceroar
Manufacturer: Noodoll
Artist: YiYing
Material: Plush
Dimensions: Ricemon - 8.5" tall; Riceroar - 7.25" tall

rice monsters 03


Both Riceroar and Ricemon have the same simple tag. It has the Noodoll website information and a cutout of eyes and mouth. You wouldn’t be upset if you cut these off to cuddle with your plush.

rice monsters 07

Our Opinion

Ricemon is the tan Rice Monster – the one with the horns. The soft plush features embroidered eyes and designs on its chest. The claws on the hands and feet are a sturdy material – they almost have a hard felt feel to them. And the mouth is made of white faux leather.

The Ricemon plush is well produced and uses top of the line materials. The tan material is fluffy soft, although I would have preferred a little less stuffing inside. While it’s easy to mess up the little claws – we’ve seen plenty of plushies with fraying claws – it seems like they got the material correct.

rice monsters 02

Riceroar is the grey Rice Monster – the guy with the wide-open mouth that some folks feel looks like OhNoDoom’s FluffyBadBad (although I don’t see it). The material used on this plush is a little softer than the Ricemon plush. It feels like a really soft fleece sweatshirt. The eyes and mouth area are embroidered, but there are many other details on the plush.

I actually like Riceroar a little more than Ricemon. There’s just the right amount of stuffing in the plush, and the outer material is a little softer to the touch. Riceroar might actually end up being the softest plush that we’ve seen – ever.

rice monsters 08

So the only thing I am wondering is…why aren’t the Noodoll folks focusing all of their energy on the plush line? Now, we’ve only seen two characters, but they’re both pretty amazing. The price is a little much for US collectors – thanks to the exchange rate – but I’d definitely recommend picking up the Riceroar (even at that price) if you’re a plush collector.

You can pick one up at the following:

Noodoll: £12.99 (about $19.00)

Ricemon and Riceroar Grades

Plush Quality: 9/10
    Stitching: 8/10
    Material: 9/10
Softness: Ricemon - 8/10 Riceroar 10/10
Packaging/Tag: 6/10
Cuteness: 9/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 7/10

Ricemon: 9.2/10
Riceroar: 9.5/10

rice monsters 04
rice monsters 05
rice monsters 09
rice monsters 10

VISEone’s Comic Stripped Custom

vise custom 1

This is VISEone's first release of a series called "Comic Stripped". He's currently working on other figures in this same art style. The piece uses a 7" Munny, Milliput, DC Comics, and acrylic paint. Oh...and if you want to purchase this one-off piece, you can contact VISEone through his site.

vise custom 3
vise custom 2