The Custom Tea Tour

tea tour

Lunartik's Custom Tea Tour will be celebrating the release of Matt JOnes' New Vinyl Toys  along with an amazing selection of Tea Toys customized by some of the world's most popular artists.

Featuring artists:
Phil Corbett - Tado - Dok A - Pete Fowler - Ik'sentik - Caitlin Ashford - Triclops - Matt JOnes - Cris Rose - Kenn Munk - Guinea Pig Design - Okkle - Sichi - Mr. Scruff - Veggiesomthing - woolloomooloo - Crom - Jon Burgerman - Lou Pimentel - James Marr - Ayako - Sneaky Racoon - Burn Head - Tortoy - Toasters - TML Stars - Jo Gough - Anker

The next stop on the tour takes place at the new Ik'snetrik Store in Bath UK starting on February 13th 2010.

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