The Art of Cutthroat


The artwork of Cutthroat will be on display at Art Whino Gallery in National Harbor, MD. The show opening will take place on January 30th, 2010 from 6PM until midnight. Cutthroat’s  signature stencil style is the product of what he calls “a detailed and involved process,” which serves as a Zen-like experience for the artist. Methodical attention, he says, is necessary to be satisfaction with his pieces. “I know that there is a beginning and an end. I always hope that my audience appreciates the detail in my work. If they can notice that, I can be content.” If you can't make it to the opening, the show will run through the end of February. (It says February 30th...but I'm pretty sure that date has never existed)

Art Whino Gallery
173 Waterfront St.
National Harbor, MD 20745

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