Brent Sparr Custom

Daniel Goffin recently completed a custom paint job of one of his resin toys for a collector. The figure – called Brent Sparr – has been painted with colorshifting metallic … Read More


Patch Together’s newest On Demand product is the S.P.U.D. Designed by the German artist and customizer "das mo", there are plans for 6" tall S.P.U.D. figures cast in resin (either … Read More

Brent Nolasco’s Coasters and Brent Nolasco will be teaming up to release a series of artist-based coasters. Wouldn’t you want these little works of art sitting on your coffee table? You might … Read More

Megastar and Fellastar

The 123klan folk have released their Megastar (pink) and Fellastar (orange) figures. Each box is signed and includes 2 free stickers. They only have 25 of each colorway available…each one … Read More

Uber Cute Group Exhibition

The Uber Cute group exhibition will feature wooden sculptures, plush work, customized toys and illustration by Daniel Elson, Okkle, Heidi Kenney (My Paper Crane), and Bukubuku. Taking place at Rivet … Read More


ToyStreet is a new event by Cookies -n- Cream that will provide opportunities for toy collectors, artists and vendors alike to unite in a unique experience where they can buy, … Read More

JPK’s Sailor Ken

One of Jon Paul Kaiser’s newest custom figure uses a mini King Ken figure (from artist James Jarvis) done up like a salty old sailor. Sailor Ken shows off Jon’s … Read More

Robot with a Removable Mustache

For all of 2010, Heykillah will be carrying a new limited edition robot each month. This month, the limited edition plush is the Robot with a Removable Mustache. There are … Read More

Conan O’Brien Plush

Laura Granlund – from Intimidnation – has designed this Conan O’Brien plush. The one-off handmade plush version of the (now former) Tonight Show host stands at approximately 24" tall and … Read More

The Taxali 300 Preview

Narwhal Art Projects has posted up a preview of the artwork that will be on display at Gary Taxali’s solo exhibition – The Taxali 300 – that will open on … Read More

A Little Stranger Droplet

Holly from A Little Stranger has unveiled photos of her custom Droplet that will be on display at the Series 2 launch party on February 6th in Bristol. This little … Read More