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Android Bell?


Andrew Bell posted this photo of Google's Android mascot up on his Dyzplastic production blog. There was another post late last month that suggested "something is coming" with this: 02:10:20:10. Hmm...could that be February 10th, 2010?

Or maybe I am just reading too into this, and Andrew is planning on buying a Nexus One when his current cell phone contract runs out on February 10th.



Artist Orr Zahavi - a photographer from Israel - also works on creating fun little polymer clay monsters. Called "Looshies", these are completely handmade by the artist. I love the expressions that each little character has. Also, if you check out Orr's sure to look at the amazing glass work he does.

Max Toy X D-Lux Eyezon Collab

max toy collab

Mark Nagata and D-Lux have teamed up for this amazing collaboration. The Kaiju Eyezon 2 pack - a very limited edition of 6 sets - will be available from D-Lux (3 sets) and the Max Toy Company web store (3 sets).

D-Lux hand painted his Eyezon in a Winter style, with cool blues, arctic whites, and a nice glitter top coat to add that snowy sheen to it. Mark hand painted his in a Spring style, with bright metallic colors, greens, yellows, reds and Bee Stinger finger tips. All of the figures are hand numbered and signed by each artist.

These will be available on a first come first served basis from Max Toy Co., starting on Friday, Jan. 27th, 2010. They'll be available for $200.00 + $9.00 shipping.

Blade II Backstage

blade backstage

Hot Toys released the Backstage image of the head sculpt for their Blade II: Blade figure. The final head sculpture has "more prominent facial features, movie-accurate eye and facial expression, fine wrinkles, frown and moustache, further illustrates his likeness. The signature tattoo at the back also stands out his fierceness!"

Brent Sparr Custom

brentsparr 2

Daniel Goffin recently completed a custom paint job of one of his resin toys for a collector. The figure - called Brent Sparr - has been painted with colorshifting metallic automotive paint and features a little tribute to one of Daniel's favorite toy customizers (Paul Kaiju). The character is the director of the NYC MOMA (40 years in the future), who is an obsessive collector of antique robot parts. His goal is to get rid of his imperfect human body by replacing it with machinery.

brentsparr 1
brentsparr 3
brentsparr 4


spud zippers

Patch Together's newest On Demand product is the S.P.U.D. Designed by the German artist and customizer "das mo", there are plans for 6" tall S.P.U.D. figures cast in resin (either hand painted or DIY-blanks). And as you can see above, they'll also look to release a line of S.P.U.D. Zipper Pulls.

spud wheel

Sookie La La

sookie lala

Jon Knox - of Hello, Brute fame - has announced that his Sookie La La resin is finished and almost ready to order. The figure will be an edition of 15 pieces and sold by pre-order here. You can choose between the lavender or blue hoodie version. Each figure will run $88.

Brent Nolasco’s Coasters

sneekpeek and Brent Nolasco will be teaming up to release a series of artist-based coasters. Wouldn't you want these little works of art sitting on your coffee table? You might feel bad setting a drink on them...but they'll definitely be conversation starters.

coasterPROMO web

Megastar and Fellastar


The 123klan folk have released their Megastar (pink) and Fellastar (orange) figures. Each box is signed and includes 2 free stickers. They only have 25 of each colorway available...each one running $90.


Uber Cute Group Exhibition


The Uber Cute group exhibition will feature wooden sculptures, plush work, customized toys and illustration by Daniel Elson, Okkle, Heidi Kenney (My Paper Crane), and Bukubuku. Taking place at Rivet Gallery, in Columbus OH, the opening reception will take place on Saturday, February 6th 2010 from 7PM until 10PM - with the exhibit being on display until February 28th.