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COPE2 Reps Concrete Immortalz

Elite Gudz is proud to present the first in series of videos starring graffiti’s most iconic and prolific artists as they join the ranks as official Concrete Immortalz.

Starting with the ambassador for New York graffiti, COPE2 gave up his thoughts on Immortalz creator Phetus, the comic and topped it off by destroying a section of the Concrete Immortalz mural. Originally painted at Tuff City Tattoo by Phetus and Such, the Concrete Immortalz mural was immediately destroyed by Cap, Cope2, T-Kid, Ban2, Indie and Cheez as a tribute to the real life actions that go on within the graffiti subculture.

G.I. Joe Flint 1/6 Scale

flint 4

Sideshow Collectibles has made the newest G.I. Joe 1/6 scale figure available for pre-order. The 12" tall Flint is available in both regular and Sideshow Exclusive versions. The exclusive figure includes a special sawed-off shotgun accessory.

Like all of the Joe figures, this guy is stocked with accessories. Look for Flint to ship in the 3rd quarter of 2010. Currently, you can pre-order one for $124.99 (exclusive) or $119.99 (regular).

flint 2
flint 3
flint 1

A Little Stranger Lottery


Holly from A Little Stranger is currently running a charity lottery to raise money for the Unicef Haiti appeal. A ticket costs £2 (for two tickets, actually). You can enter from any where in the world. And you can buy as many tickets as you want. For more details about entering the lottery, check out the above link.

The prize is pictured above. The inside of case measures 7 x 13 cm and will fit a Blackberry, digital camera,  mobile phone,  iPod or iPhone. You have until February 2nd 2010 at 12 noon to enter.