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REVIEW: MLB Lubies (Part 1)

lubies cubs 1


Rocket USA’s popular Lubies plush line has grown substantially with the acquisition of the Major League Baseball license. The company is releasing plushies for each of the 30 MLB teams (sometimes more than one version per team).

For this review, we’re going to take a look at four of the first series (and – of course – they’re all popular teams): the Red Sox, Cubs, Dodgers and Mets.

lubies red sox 1

The Facts

MLB Lubies
Series: Lubies
Manufacturer: Rocket USA
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 5” round
Designs: Boston Red Sox (White and Navy); Chicago Cubs (Pin Stripes and Blue); Los Angeles Dodgers (White and Blue); New York Mets (Pin Stripes and Blue)

lubies cubs 2


Each of the MLB Lubies includes an attached tag that features an illustration of the home ballpark on the front of it. Inside, the tag has the team’s logo on the left side and a “Did You Know?” fact on the right side.

lubies mets 1

Our Opinion

It only makes sense that a plush line that’s been touted as being “softball size” teams up with Major League Baseball for an officially licensed run. There are plans to release all 30 MLB teams through a number of releases. This first series including Lubies from 9 different teams, but we’ve split them into two reviews of 4 each (the Yankees Lubies are back-ordered).

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This Must Be The Place Art Show

"This Must Be The Place" was curated by Faesthetic magazine and featured a collection of art and oddities by eight American artists inspired by the zine's minimally toned aesthetic.

Taking place at the Scion Space Gallery in Culver City, the show featured work from Gluekit, Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch, Damien Correll, Joel Speasmaker, Matt Curry, Skull Phone, Dan Funderburgh and Jemma Hostetler, the acclaimed multimedia artists and designers explore the theme of "home" with the loose limitation of a two-toned color palette.

You Are Not Falling, You Are Floating

hochbaum 1

This February, Corey Helford Gallery is pleased to present “You Are Not Falling, You Are Floating” featuring new works by New York artist David Hochbaum. For his second solo exhibition at the gallery, Hochbaum creates a total environment through a stunning mixed media display of paintings, photography, sculptures and an installation.

“You Are Not Falling, You Are Floating” is an immersion into the surreal state of consciousness between being awake and asleep and the secrets about ourselves, which are revealed in our dreams. Hochbaum explains, “In dreams, all the secrets are revealed, truths are unveiled, not just the things which we mask in order to present ourselves as functioning, moral human beings amongst each other, but the building blocks which shape our character and desires. We gather these components of dreams from each other. It is a collaboration of human interaction. Our dreams are our collective voices, the voice of the universe.”

Open to the public, the reception for “You Are Not Falling, You Are Floating” will take place on Saturday, February 13th 2010 from 7PM to 10PM.

hochbaum 2

The Custom Tea Tour

tea tour

Lunartik's Custom Tea Tour will be celebrating the release of Matt JOnes' New Vinyl Toys  along with an amazing selection of Tea Toys customized by some of the world's most popular artists.

Featuring artists:
Phil Corbett - Tado - Dok A - Pete Fowler - Ik'sentik - Caitlin Ashford - Triclops - Matt JOnes - Cris Rose - Kenn Munk - Guinea Pig Design - Okkle - Sichi - Mr. Scruff - Veggiesomthing - woolloomooloo - Crom - Jon Burgerman - Lou Pimentel - James Marr - Ayako - Sneaky Racoon - Burn Head - Tortoy - Toasters - TML Stars - Jo Gough - Anker

The next stop on the tour takes place at the new Ik'snetrik Store in Bath UK starting on February 13th 2010.