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REVIEW: BlowUpDolls Series 3

buds series3 19


The BlowUpDolls line is Jamungo’s uber-popular platform figure line. First released in 2006, it’s one of the more successful blind-boxed series available. And with the recent release of BUD Series 3, they’ve added some new sculpts, different artists and plenty of impressive characters to the line.

buds series3 17

The Facts

BlowUpDolls Series 3
Series: BUDs
Manufacturer: Jamungo
Material: ABS Plastic
Dimensions: 2.75” to 3.75” tall
Points of Articulation: 8 (neck, shoulders, wrists, waist, and legs) Designs/Artists: Gohsted/FERG (8.0%); Crappy Cat/VANBEATER (7.0%); BUD 3/VANBEATER and FERG (8.0%); Son of Ar/KENN MUNK (8.0%); Doom Drip/AESTHETIC APPARATUS (4.0%); Red Devil secret/MUTTPOP (2.3%); Nitro Hell/JIM KOCH (8.0%); Flame Trooper/FRANK KOZIK (3.0%); Assistant for Cosmic Perception/JESSE LEDOUX (8.0%); Rowdy Buddy/YUCK (8.0%); Hurley Magic Vomit Mouth/JON BURGERMAN (8.0%); Leif/PEDINI (8.0%); Le Big Bang/SAUERKIDS (8.0%); Acid Bud/SUPERDEUX (8.0%); not pictured – The Mighty Dinero/MAD (2.6%) and Secret Chase/BRIAN MORRIS (1.0%)
Outfit: Gohsted – mini G hoodie; Doom Drip - cape
Accessories: Each bomb design includes a match; Crappy Cat – broken bottle

buds series3 01
buds series3 02


Like the two previous series, Blow Up Dolls Series 3 is blind boxed in a sturdy, rectangular cardboard box. There’s a trippy BUD design on three of the sides, and an illustrated list of the figures you might pull on the fourth.

Inside, the figure is packaged within a metallic bag (a pre-cut notch makes them easy to open). Each piece includes a card that shows the various figure possibilities, the artist, name of the design and odds you’ll get that design.

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New at Frozen Empire Toys – 12/09


New products available now at Frozen Empire Toys:

Bossy Bear - Green Milk & Cookies Guardian Edition by David Horvath / Toy2r $16.95
Crocadoca - Green Milk & Cookies Guardian Edition by David Horvath / Toy2r $16.95
Bossy Bear - Red Milk & Cookies Guardian Edition by David Horvath / Toy2r $16.95
Turtle - Green Milk & Cookies Guardian Edition by David Horvath / Toy2r $16.95
Terror & Magnus by Joe Ledbetter / The Loyal Subjects $92.50
Jibibuts - Wooden Mini Figures by Noferin - Blind Box $8.50
The Snow Yak Show - Microportfolio by Mark Ryden $12.50
Yoka Mini Figures Series 1 by Adfunture - Blind Box $6.95
Mini G-Robot Mini Figures by Adfunture - Blind Box $8.95
Blow Up Dolls Series 3 by Jamungo - Blind Box $8.95
Red O-No Sushi by Andrew Bell / DYZ Plastic $24.95
Kid Onion - US Edition by Easy Hey / Artoyz $37.50
Munnyworld DIY Toys by Kidrobot $9.95 each
Toyer-Z by Frank Kozik / Toy2r $79.95

Be sure to keep an eye on the website for frequent updates!

REVIEW: UP – Russell and Carl

up vinyl 23


One of the biggest (and arguably best) animated feature films of 2009 was Disney/Pixar's UP. Following the adventures of Russell (the Junior Wilderness Explorer) and Carl (the elderly man he needs to assist), the movie has already been nominated for a number of awards. Hot Toys acquired the license to produce figures based on the main characters, so we'll be looking at the vinyl collectible versions of Russell and Carl.

Russell is the most-prepared 8-year-old Junior Wilderness Explorer in Explorer history. Problem is, he’s never been anywhere except the Camping Museum downtown.

Carl Fredricksen doesn’t mean to be grouchy. But you’d be grouchy too if people just wouldn’t leave you alone.

up vinyl 10
up vinyl 12
up vinyl 13
up vinyl 14

The Facts

UP - Russell and Carl
Series: Vinyl Collectible Figures
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Material: Rotocast vinyl
Dimensions: Russell – 5.25”; Carl – 6.5”
Points of Articulation: Russell – 3 (arms and neck); Carl – 3 (arm, wrist and neck)
Accessories: Russell – two sticker sheets; Carl – quad cane

up vinyl 01
up vinyl 03


Russell and Carl and packaged in similar UP themed packaging. The front of the box (and one side) features a plastic windowpane. The character’s name is located on a tag on the front, and there is a pretty extensive bio on the rear panel (along with a picture from the film).

up vinyl 05
up vinyl 06

Inside the box, the figure is packaged in between dual, interlocking plastic trays. Each UP figure includes a colored background that features a scenic view from the film and a cutout floating house.

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