Brent Nolasco’s VIVI VI Show Customs

nolasco customs 1

Previously, we got a glimpse of Brent Nolasco's Adore custom figure for the upcoming VIVI VI Show, which will open at Gallery 1988 on November 27th.Well, he's added two more customs to the lineup of figures that he'll have at the Vivisect - The Final Playset show.

nolasco custom 4 nolasco custom 5

Title: Joy Ride
Platform: T. Han / G. Simkins/ J. Ledbetter/ L.Chueh  Mash Up Vivisect
Media: Acrylic / Ave’s Sculpt / Found Objects/

nolasco custom 3 nolasco custom 2

Title: Little One
Platform: G. Simkins/ G. Simkins Mash Up Vivisect
Media: Acrylic / Ave’s Sculpt

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