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REVIEW: Edwin Morose Morgue Mini

teddy scares 5


Applehead Factory’s Teddy Scares are those forgotten about teddy bears you used to care for as a child. Well, they’ve come back from the grave to exact some revenge. The plush line was originally released as a series of 12” tall undead teddy bears. Several of these designs are a part of the Morgue Minis line…including Edwin Morose.

Edwin started his life as a love token. He served most his days on red satin sheets with the sweet smells of perfume and a daily hug from his beautiful owner. Then the day came when loyal Edwin was thrown into the trash. He cried himself asleep every night surrounded by the comfort of dried up roses, torn up memories and old love letters.

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teddy scares 8

The Facts

Edwin Morose Morgue Mini
Series: Teddy Scares Morgue Minis Series 3
Manufacturer: Applehead Factory
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 6” tall
Outfit: Black sweatshirt
Accessories: Body bag

teddy scares 1
teddy scares 2


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Feed My Tummy Customs

tummy 06group

John Hook was recruited to be the official photographer for the “Feed My Tummy” show. For the event photoshoot, John had a vision in mind. “The concept I had of the shoot being that these figures invade a kitchen in a restaurant in search of some food so they could ‘Feed My Tummy”.  The Tummy figure, created by Marine Randamhi, an Indonesian native, were customized by the very talented Scribe, Leecifer and Squidnik.

tummy 04group

The “Feed My Tummy” show will make it’s public debut on December 1st, at Prototype’s Ala Moana store location from 6PM until 9PM, and will feature a total of 15 different artists from across the globe.

tummy 05squidnik
tummy 07leecifer

REVIEW: Turtle

bossy bear turtle 10


David Horvath, known for being part of the husband and wife duo responsible for the Uglydolls, has released a pair of books based on his Bossy Bear character. In Horvath’s “Just Like Bossy Bear” book (the 2nd in the series), Bossy’s best friend – Turtle – picks up on those bad behaviors.

With Turtle becoming a more important character in the book series, the folks at Toy2R have teamed up with David to release Turtle as a vinyl figure. Available in both a 7.5” Crown version and the regular 3.5” figure, Turtle joins the previously released Bossy Bear vinyl.

bossy bear turtle 11
bossy bear turtle 6
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bossy bear turtle 8

The Facts

Series: Bossy Bear
Manufacturer: Toy2R
Artist: David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim
Material: Rotocast vinyl
Dimensions: 3.5” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero

bossy bear turtle 1
bossy bear turtle 2
bossy bear turtle 3


The Turtle vinyl figure is packaged in a window-front box. It’s styled similar to the cover of the Just Like Bossy Bear book (a yellow background with a blue text bubble). There are a ton of great illustrations of Bossy Bear and Turtle, presumably from the book, as well as a mini bio of the Turtle character.

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