Ledbetter Jackalope Prints

Joe Ledbetter has released a pair of limited edition Jackalope prints. The 16" x 20" giclee print is signed and numbered by the artist. The original version (shown above) is limited to a run of 200 pieces. The alternate, rare edition of 10 prints (shown below) quickly sold out.

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Woodgrain Bear Qee

Toy2R has announced another wood grain designed figure. The 8" tall Woodgrain Bear Qee is set to drop in December of the year (that's only a day away from when this was published). If you haven't seen these figures, they do a great job giving them a wood grain look.

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Plush!, Toy Reviews

REVIEW: Edwin Morose Morgue Mini

Background Applehead Factory’s Teddy Scares are those forgotten about teddy bears you used to care for as a child. Well, they’ve come back from the grave to exact some revenge. The plush line was originally released as a series of 12” tall undead teddy bears. Several of these designs are a part of the Morgue […]

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CyberBOT mimoMonday

Mimoco, the Boston-based maker of MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives, announces CyberBOT mimoMonday. This Monday, November 30th, everything in the Mimoco shop will be 25% off until 11:59PM PST.

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Feed My Tummy Customs

John Hook was recruited to be the official photographer for the “Feed My Tummy” show. For the event photoshoot, John had a vision in mind. “The concept I had of the shoot being that these figures invade a kitchen in a restaurant in search of some food so they could ‘Feed My Tummy”.  The Tummy […]

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Toy Reviews, Toy2R

REVIEW: Turtle

Background David Horvath, known for being part of the husband and wife duo responsible for the Uglydolls, has released a pair of books based on his Bossy Bear character. In Horvath’s “Just Like Bossy Bear” book (the 2nd in the series), Bossy’s best friend – Turtle – picks up on those bad behaviors. With Turtle […]

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Holiday Sale at Strangekiss

Start your holidays right at Strangekiss! With a BIG SALE (for more than one day). Cool Giveaways and much more. Sale is on now and applies to 95% of the store. Rare items and new items being added a few times a week. GET THERE!

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Lady Grey Lunartik

Lunartik Studios have released an exclusive new flavor of the Lunartik in a cup of tea - Lady Grey. These are only available on They are limited to a small run of 30 pieces (all being signed and numbered). Each figure stands 6.5” tall and comes with a cup, saucer, shiny spoon, and 2 sugar […]

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The Mysterious Apes

For Thanksgiving, Monstrehero released some great new characters - the Mysterious Apes. These scary (obviously male) simians are limited, and available through Monstrehero's online shop. These are the only two figures available, with each one running $75.

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Mini Monster Ebi

Paul Vincett of Stitches and Glue has announced that his Mini Monster Ebi is now available online from the good people at Urban Outfitters. These 16" wide by 6" tall plushies have wire armatures for increased "poseability". These are only available online, with a price of $40 each.

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