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ZÔôpi DIY Release Details


Release details have been revealed for the Brazilian resin toy - ZÔôpi DIY. The figures are set to be released on November 2nd. The price of the ZÔôpi DIY has been set at $15.00 + shipping, and is available for worldwide shipping.

Jouwe Digi Wings Splashing Sky

Blue publish

The Jouwe Digi Wings secret colorway has been revealed by My Tummy Toys. The pre-order for the Jouwe Digi Wings Splashing Sky starts on the 31st of October. This color version of the figure will be limited to a run of only 5 pieces worldwide. Each one will run $140 USD.

Pandara Halloween Edition


Paul Shih will be releasing an exclusive version of his hand cast and painted resin Pandara figure. The piece stands 5" tall, and is limited to a run of only 3 figures. The special Pandara Halloween Edition will be made available on October 31st (Halloween day) at 6:6:6pm GMT time (3pm EDT) from Paul's website's order form (not online shop). These will each run $50USD plus shipping.

Friday Releases from Bwana Spoons

This Friday (October 30th) at Noon Pacific, Bwana Spoons will have two new releases available.


Rootbeer Thrashman is a collaboration between Gargamel, Buta
No Hana and Bwana. Hand painted by Spoons, the Rootbeer vinyl is painted in purple, neon red, yellow, green, and smoke spray with blue eyes.


The second release is the Trashcan. "Jessie the wanderers
super alter ego. When distressed or threatened Jessie turns into the
ultimate power of Trashcan. Super powers to be disclosed at a later
date." This hand painted edition comes with trashcan lid (which will
tumble trashcan over with it's mighty resin weight) and the original
Thrashman head.

November Shows at Dragatomi


The Dragatomi crew has several big events happening at their Sacramento based shop. They'll be hosting the Dr. Sketchy’s Road Show on Thursday November 12th at 7PM. "Dr. Sketchy's ask[s] a simple question. Why can't drawing naked people be sexy?" This will be one of the thirteen California stops of the traveling art show, so make it out for the drawing session.


The second event is the Rear Naked Choke show featuring the artwork of Patrick Francisco. The opening reception will take place on November 14th at 7PM, with the show running through December 5th. “Rear
Naked Choke features paintings, drawings, resin sculptures, and
customized toys. Though spanning themes through different media, all
pieces are bound together by the same intense grittiness of a tightly
applied rear naked choke." Below are some photos of artwork that will be at the show.


2317 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

The Rollie Show: Tomorrow


The Rollie Show starts at 6PM this Friday - October 30th - at the All the Right graffiti supply/hip hop clothing shop located at 3561 Junction Blvd in Queens.

Presented by the folks at Tenacious Toys and NEMO, this show uses empty plastic roll-on deodorants as a DIY template. And as you can see below, you can do some wild things with your used anti-perspirant. You'll definitely want to make it out to this show!

Custom rollie 014

Matthew Ryan Sharp’s Solo Show Online


If you didn't get a chance to make it to Matthew Ryan Sharp's solo show at Hot Pop Gallery in Milwaukee, WI, they have put the available art pieces up online. They range from $30 to $800 in price for these original pieces. (I've actually picked up the A Clockwork Orange painting)

Bossy Bear & Friends: Milk and Cookies Guardians Edition

Bossy Bear and Friends X'mas version Sales AD_01

The Bossy Bear & Friends: Milk and Cookies Guardians Edition should be hitting store shelves just in time to get them under the tree for your Bossy fan. Toy2R and David Horvath have created a unique holiday edition for fans of Bossy Bear...and two of his friends.

This collection will feature Bossy Bear, Turtle and Crocadoca in holiday themed colors (green with red highlights) and a very special version of Bossy Bear (red with green highlights) to keep a look out for. Look for these to retail around $16.99 each.


Shawnimals’ Land Lump


Shawnimals will be releasing their next limited edition (100 pieces) plush from their Professor Fliggins line - Land Lump - today (October 29th) at 1PM. "Fliggins leaves Pantsylvania in search of his homeland, and just
when he thinks his final jaunt will be unencumbered... an evil appears
on the horizon! What will he do? What is it? Perhaps the Lumps can
provide an answer, or at least shelter..."

From the tag:

"A lump on a lump in a land of lumpy lumps. These hilly creatures are
helpful and creepy... they just stare at you, unmoving, smile frozen,
watching while you sleep."

  • Special
    – A pretty flower and patch of spring grass!
  • Character-specific
    – A little Lump buddy!
  • An
    all-new handmade plush character
  • Tagged
    with its description and numbered
  • Each
    comes meticulously packaged with brown paper, tied with a cotton string
  • A goody
    bag filled with a sticker and two special buttons!

These will each run you $40 plus shipping.


El Diablo – The Last Batch?


Argonaut Resins will be releasing their last batch (the mold will be broken after this run) of the El Diablo figures on Friday (12PM EST) via the Argonaut Resins Store.

Ghostly-E-Diablo Teaser

This wave will consist of 6 figures, including: "Ghostly El Diablo", "Shadow El Diablo", "Full Moon El Diablo" and the Trick or Treat Trio of El Diablos - "Dark O'Lantern El Diablo", "All Hallows El Diablo" & "Punkin' Head El Diablo". Each figure stands 6" tall and comes with a Skull King accessory, hand painted packaging and a bonus original mini painting that will serve as the certificate of authenticity.

The figures will cost $125 plus shipping, except for the "Full Moon" colorway ($150 plus shipping).