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REVIEW: Yoshi The Woodling Faerie



We’ve covered the handmade creations of artist Charles Stephan for some time now. You might remember his popular pig character – Alice Cherry Blossom. Well, a little over a year ago, Stephen started Charles’ Creature Cabinet to publicize and sell some of his other ball jointed resin creations.

We were happy to get our hands on a character from the Noanie Autumn & The Woodlings Faeries story. Yoshi, the Woodling Faerie, is a 9 year old from The Whisper Wood.


The Facts

Yoshi – The Woodling Faerie
Series: The Woodlings
Manufacturer: Charles’ Creature Cabinet
Artist: Charles Stephan
Material: Resin
Height: 4.5”
Points of Articulation: 16 (neck, chest, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, thighs, knees, ankles)
Accessories: Antler of twigs and tiny leaves; Green wing-leaves
Outfit: Basic green nature dress; Brown ‘Hobbit-like’ hooded cape with leaf button and string
Edition Size: 75

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Transformers’ Constructicons Customs


The folks at Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica have revealed their Real Robot Series 2 - Transformers' Constructicons. This custom is a 6 figure set. Each Constructicon can be converted from robot to construction truck and then combined into Devastator (around 20" in height). Included are an additional Dog Qee head - modified for Devastator's head - and a customized body frame.


After doing our real robot series 1 - Valkyrie VF1-S from the Macross anime, we were seriously thinking what we would do next to top that one. We decided to do transformers but would want to customize something really special since we would also be celebrating our 1st year anniversary here at rotobox. We thought "hey, why not do something that can transform and at the same time can also combine". And so we chose to customize decepticon's first combining robot Constructicons or also known as Devastator. It brings back a lot of memories because when we were still kids watching transformers, the first time devastator appeared really blew us away bec he's such an awesome, destructive huge robot and we were literally thinking "how on earth would the autobots defeat such a massive thing?", but of course, autobots always wins in the end.


Plush You Events


It's getting closer to the big Plush You show that brought to you by Schmancy Toys. The artist reception takes place on Friday, October 9th from 5PM until 10PM.
All taking place in Seattle, Schmancy and Nancy will be showcasing plush toys, while Fancy will have a display of plush jewels.

Other events fall out as follows:

Saturday, October 10th 5PM to 10PM
Artist Reception

Bluebottle Art Gallery and Store
415 East Pine Street, Seattle, WA, 98122
The Anne Bonny
534 Summit Ave East, Seattle, WA, 98102

Sunday October 11th

Handmade Nation at Northwest Film Forum

1:00 Screening of Handmade Nation with a panel discussion to follow
4:00 Screening of Handmade Nation
5:30 Happy Hour with Faythe Levine at Vermillion

Harley-Davidson Presents: Art of Rebellion


The Art of Rebellion show brings together 10 U.S. artists hand-picked by
Harley-Davidson®--icons and emerging artists who are world-renowned
in both the music and art worlds for their rock poster artwork.
Their work will be on display at the Art of Rebellion show Saturday,
October 17
at La.VENUE (608 W. 28th Street New York, NY). The chosen artists are Art
Chantry, Brian Ewing, Derek Hess, Dirty Donny, Frank Kozik, Harpoon,
John Van Hamersveld, Lindsey Kuhn, Tara McPherson
and The Pizz.

the show, each artist will paint one Harley-Davidson Iron 883TM gas
tank and they will also sell signature art posters at the show. The
Iron 883--part of the Harley-Davidson’s Dark Custom line which fuses
minimalist design with a vintage feel--evokes the adventurous spirit of
the dawn of the 60’s motorcycle rebellion.

Part of the proceeds go to the CUE Art Foundation.


Netzwerk Mohawk Kid Custom


The next custom Kalua Moola was revealed by Argonaut Resins. Netzwerk Mohawk Kid is now available for your purchasing pleasure. Customized by Daniel Goffin, this figure actually lights up. There's only one of them ($158), so by the time you read might be gone.


ZacPac X 8Style Baaro


ZacPac X 8Style have joined forces to release two versions of the limited edition Baaro figure. The regular version is limited to 30 pieces, while the blood splattered super limited version (customized by 8style Boss Mr.84) is limited to 10 pieces.


Mad Hatter’s Neverland Customs

The Bible Illuminated: R. Crumb’s Book of Genesis


The Bible Illuminated: R. Crumb's Book of Genesis will be on display at UCLA's Hammer gallery beginning October 24th.

Seminal comic artist R. Crumb has spent the last five years on this
literal adaptation of the first book of the Old Testament, The Book of
, bringing his signature zaftig women, mischievous animals and
geeky men to the holiest of books. This highly-anticipated exhibition
will be comprised of 207 individual black-and-white drawings
incorporating every word from all fifty chapters, with no alterations,
as well as an introduction and a map of the world of Abraham. A book
featuring the complete set of drawings, with a handwritten introduction
by the artist, will be published by W.W. Norton in late October 2009.

Crumb will also be participating in An Evening With R. Crumb at 8PM on Thursday October 29th at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus. I pre-ordered the Book of Genesis book several months back after the New Yorker reprinted several pages of it. I'm now reading through it, and if you're a fan of his won't be disappointed.