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REVIEW: Boogily Heads Series 4

Background Rocket USA recently released Series 4 of Gus Fink’s popular Boogily Heads line of hand sculpted bobble head figures. The lineup consists of six new characters: Charlie Black, Giggle, Qually, Phant, Twinks and Gus Fink. There have been a...

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Introducing Mugo

Feed the Beast's new project is called Mugo - Music on the Go. Expected to drop in mid-October, Mugo is a flash based MP3 Player and storage drive. A limited edition designer MP3 player and collectible toy, Mugo features designers...

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G.I. Yo Suckpeg 3 Pack

Suckadelic recently released their new G.I. Yo Suckpeg 3 Pack. Featuring Duchess, Corporal Slither and Pestro, the Sucklord is now taking on the classic 80's cartoon. The trio will run you $100. As of right now...I'm a huge fan of...

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The Midnight Masquerade Dunnys

Sarah Miskelly (aka Lunabee) will be releasing her custom Dunny series - The Midnight Masquerade. They'll be available at on Tuesday September 1st at 6PM London time. Each Dunny is signed by artist (a 1/1 piece) and will sell...

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Contests, Max Toy Co

CONTEST: Win a Kaiju Drazoran from Max Toy Co.

We've teamed up with Max Toy Co. to help celebrate this Saturday's opening of the Toy Karma 2 show opening (curated by Mark Nagata) to give one lucky reader a super limited edition Kaiju Drazoran vinyl figure. Made of Japanese...

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Toy Karma 2 Show

Toy Karma 2 - art inspired by classic Japanese toys - opens up on Saturday September 5th at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago. The opening reception takes place from 7PM until 10PM, and if you can't make it to the opening...the...

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Dreamland Toyworks, Shows

NoseGo Launch Party & Custom Show

The NoseGo Launch Party & Custom Show will be taking place at Jinxed at the Piazza in Philadelphia. Come celebrate the launch of Nose G's first ever toy project released by Dreamland Toyworks. There will be a gallery installation as...

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Squadt – GASSED S2 Playge Variant ‘Launch Party’

The guys from Jamungo has revealed details about their Squadt - GASSED Specimen 002 'Launch Party' Release. He's the 3rd and final piece of the launch party trio...and is set to be released on Monday August 31st at 12:00 Noon...

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Sponsor News

What’s New at Frozen Empire?

New products available now at Frozen Empire Toys Siamese Twin Choegal - Wooden Figure by David Choe / Ningyoushi - $59.95 BoOoya Ghosts Mini Figure Series by MAD / Kidrobot - Blind Box - $7.95 Grin - ZacPac Edition by...

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DKE Toys, Plush!

Candy Corn Time!

Halloween is only a few months away...and The World of Mr. Toast is always in the Trick or Treat spirit. So keep an eye out for the Cornelius Candy Corn and Vampire Candy Corn plushies (9" tall) from artist Dan...

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