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Scavengers Series 2 Cosmic Pennie Mini Figure


MINDstyle has announced their 4th San Diego Comic Con Exclusive - the limited edition Cosmic Pennie. Taken from her tremendously popular Scavengers Series 2, this SDCC exclusive mini figure will be run $20.00 each and limited to 200 pieces.

Dedicated fans know that Kathie Olivas' art and toys regularly sells out and instantly command higher secondary market prices. So, don't miss your chance to get a Scavenger collectible at Toy Tokyo's booth #5237 before it's too late. 




Holly Stanway of A Little Stranger has posted some new plush creations in her Etsy shop. The Bunny-Slugs stand around 9" tall, are handmade and have a weighted bottom. Each one sells for $29. For some reason...they're making me crave marshmallow Peeps.

O-No™ Brand Sushi Figures


You might remember Andrew Bell's Never Look Back print with the little creature that just had its legs turned into sushi. Well, he's turned that into an amazingly hilarious (and cute) vinyl figure. You'll be able to pick up the O-No™ brand sushi figures beginning at SDCC. The blue version will be a Comic Con Exclusive, limited to 150 pieces at $30 each.


The red version will be the standard edition and should retail around $25 each. Every figure includes the figure, bowl, sushi piece and extra set of eyes. Add the blue one to the list of figures you'll have to wrestle me for at Comic Con (booths #1335/1337 and #4732). Love them!


DuckSauce Color Variants


JBat from DynomightNYC has sent us photos of the two newest - pre J-ROO detailed - DuckSauce color variants - pink and silver. These might just be released this week (maybe tomorrow?). We can't wait to see these figures with the painted on details!

Ugly Hangers


Cell phone hangers still haven't really caught on in the US, but maybe after this release they will. The folks at Uglydolls are set to release a line of cell hangers/zipper pulls based on some of their most popular plush creations. No word yet as to whether this will be blind boxed or straight out purchase your favorite. But they are set to debut in the Play Imaginative booth at the Singapore Comic Convention.

Popaganda’s Mouse Mask Murphy

Mouse Mask Blog 1

Ron English is teaming up with MINDstyle to release the first limited edition exclusive from his forthcoming Popaganda Circus Sideshow series. His mini figures will be making its way to retailers in late August with an exclusive mini figure of Mask Mouse Murphy being released at San Diego Comic Con for $20.00 and available at Toy Tokyo's booth #5237.

The advance release of Mask Mouse Murphy will certainly be sought after and highly collectible with only 200 pieces available.

Mouse Mask Blog 3
Mouse Mask Blog 2

[Hug Hug SoHa]

Soha by Tikka Ng 3
Soha by Tikka Ng 4

[Hug Hug SoHa] - the newest piece from G999 - is created and designed by Tikka Ng. The approximately 8" tall polystone figure is limited to 50 pieces, with each being packaged inside of a wooden box. Look for it to retail around $90 each.

What are your thought? I really like the design. It's cute...almost baby dollish...but with a stylized flare to it. Maybe it's the mouth or the nose. I just sort of wish this was done in vinyl.

Me + polystone = breaking (and not the Electric Boogaloo kind).

Soha Box
Soha by Tikka Ng 6

Headphonies Series 2


The Headphonies Series 2 is set to be released in the coming weeks. They'll be adding five new characters: Skully, Star Girl, Inked, HP Man and Diver.

They have also improved many features from the first

  • Improved packaging and plastic fitting
  • Better Quality speaker
  • RoHS compliant components
  • Improved instructions, now in 3 languages
  • LED indicator turns from red to green when fully
  • Improved Electronic components

For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

Freaks, Geeks, And Sword Swallowers


Carnival Cartoons will be releasing a Monkeyhouse Toys Exclusive blue colorway of their Pierce and Nathan vinyl figures. Limited to an edition of 50 sets, Pierce sports a monkey on his chest and Nathan is rockin' a monkey on his back. Each set will come complete w/ a signed miniprint.


Monkeyhouse Toys will also be hosting a gallery exhibition "Freaks, Geeks, And Sword Swallowers" to help celebrate the release. The opening reception and release take place on Saturday, June 27th from 5PM until 9PM and the shw runs until July 12th.

Urban Vinyl Coffee?


In what is probably the first case of an urban vinyl character getting his or her own line of coffee, Deady, that evil teddy bear immortalized in vinyl by Toy2R, now has a flavored java of his own. Made by Coffee Shop of Horrors - Deady's Necroberry Darkness "is a rich, delicious coffee infused with the very essence of necroberries and darkness!" Necroberries are "imported from Deady's home world, the cemetery planet of Necronus". In other words...necroberries taste like raspberries and darkness tastes like hazelnut. It sounds good...if you like coffee.

The art on the package was drawn by Voltaire, Deady's creator. The coffee, which comes in half-pound bags, sells for $9.99 and is available on the Coffee Shop of Horrors website (link above) as well as at Voltaire's web store. Apparently, drinking lots of his own coffee and consuming inordinate amounts of caffeine has paid off for Deady...who will see a handful of new vinyl toy releases before the end of the year.