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LiamLiamLiam Plushies


LiamLiamLiam - a Canadian based graphic and plush designer - has released a collection of 5 very different plush characters. One of them really stands out from the others...I'll give you one guess which one I'm talking about.

Above: Angus, Baby Cino, Cino
Below: RunRun, Kobe


Metallic Blue Obese Alien


With Ron English's mini figures making its way to retailers in late August, MINDstyle x Ron English x Toy Tokyo will release a very special color version of the Obese Alien mini figure (from the Popaganda Circus Sideshow Series) at San Diego Comic Con for $20.00 and available exclusively at Toy Tokyo's booth #5237. The edition is limited to 200 pieces worldwide.

The Obese Alien will be the chase figure from the Popaganda series. And this metallic blue version of the alien Buddha should sell out fast.


Tonner Convention Exclusives


Tonner Doll Co. announced two Tonner Convention Exclusive dolls - the 8" Snow White and Wonder Woman. Snow White is limited to 400 pieces and runs $60 each, while Wonder Woman is a run of 300 pieces and $65 a piece.

Chuck Chance – Express Your Opinion…


Mike Boldt has shared the colored version of Chuck Chance, the first toy in a line of characters from a graphic novel he currently has in development.  He also has plans to release another character - Baron Villainov - which is currently in the sculpting phase.

Mike is currently looking to the community for opinions and advice as to what size you think would be best, possible color schemes you would like to see, what sort of articulation you may like, and even what material to make it out of.  Feel free to make their opinions known on his blog or in the comments section here. 

Mike's goal for this toy is to make something that people will really enjoy and like to look at in their collections.  He's am aiming to get this toy to production as soon as possible and release it before Christmas.

Brain Pattern Custom


Emilio Garcia - known for his Jumping Brain resin figure - will be taking part in the Mickey Brand Halo Show (June 29th until August 2nd) at Times Square Hong Kong. His Brain Pattern custom Mickey has a similar feel to his Jumping Brain design.

Dapper Dookie Decoy Vinyl


The forest surrounding Pooville can be a dangerous place. There
are creatures left and right that would make a meal out of Dookie or
worse capture him in order to extract his magical essence or unlock
the ancient secrets of the land of Serenity. Or maybe just sell
him as a collectible toy. Whenever Dookie needs to venture outside
of his safety zone he leaves various, well dressed decoys around to
distract his adversaries.

Chaotic Unicorn has unveiled the newest Dookie Poo vinyl figure from artist Manny Galán - Dapper Dookie Decoy Vinyl. The 4" tall figure - produced by ESC-Toy - should retail around $20 each. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.


Backstage: Marcus Wright

“The Ring” Cheshire Cat


The latest Span of Sunset x Disney creation has arrived...just in time for the Lakers parade in Los Angeles. The Parade Ring Cheshire Cat has officially
pounced on LA and is already warming up to prep for next season's
journey. The 8" tall figure will be a limited edition and should retail around $60. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

Etsy Wednesday: Figurka


Straight from Budapest, Hungary come the plush designs of Figurka. With the tag line "handmade goods to make you smile", these plush creations feature long legs. The handmade plush characters range in price from $20 to $40 each and measure approximately 16" in height.


SHOW: In Your Phace Photos


Benny from Tenacious Toys was in attendance at the opening of the In Your Phace art show at Toy Qube. The opening took place on June 12th and Phetus was there showing off some of his new artwork. Check out all of the great photos Benny was able to snap...makes you jealous, I know.