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Mickey Jackson Mouse Custom


Mickey Jackson Mouse is a custom creation of atelier Alessio Blanco for the Mickey Brand Halo Show (June 29th until August 2nd) that's been organized by 3-MIX and Disney Asia at Times Square, Hong Kong.

REVIEW: Bubblefun



Last year, Crazy Label released Peskimo’s Monster Burp vinyl figure to the delight of the designer toy community. Collectors wondered about the giant bubble being emitted from the Monster’s mouth. How didn’t the thing tip over? Can we get other colors?

With the addition of the newly released 8” Pink Treeson, Crazy Label also launched a line of much smaller bubbles – known as Bubblefun. These interchangeable bubbles work with both the Monster Burp and Pink Treeson and are available in a blind-boxed line.


The Facts

Manufacturer: Crazy Label
Artists: Bubi Au Yueng, JamFactory, APAK, Malota, Tado, Gaston Caba, Peskimo and Sonni
Material: hard rotocast plastic
Height: 1.5” long
Figures in Series: 12 designs (blind-boxed)

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T-600 Endoskeleton Collectible Figure

2 Terminator Salvation_T600 (Weathered Rubber Skin ver)

Hot Toys revealed their newest 1:6 scale figure based on Terminator Salvation - the T-600 collectible figure (weathered rubber skin version) MMS 104.

This figure features over 25 points of articulation, a removable rubber mask, non-removable gloved hands and boots, tattered clothing to hide its endoskeleton and an eye light up function (cell button battery operated - battery included). The accessories include a Grenade Launcher, Gatling Gun, Ammo Pack with harness and a display base. Look for it to be released in Q3 of 2009.

1 Terminator Salvation_T600 (Weathered Rubber Skin ver)
4 Terminator Salvation_T600 (Weathered Rubber Skin ver)

Monster Workshop at the Cut-Click Exhibition‏

Cut click submission

Monster Workshop will have several new Monsters featured at the upcoming Cut-Click anniversary exhibition. The show, which runs from June 29th until July 25th, will be showcasing works by contributing artists to the online art and design magazine, Cut-Click. Check it out at the Abbey Walk Gallery, Grimsby.

SDCC Exclusive Stephan LePodd


MINDstyle has announced another major art toy release for SDCC with the latest release from Doktor A. This is the larger figure based off of the mini figure of the same name from the Mechtorians Series 1. The SDCC edition of the Mechtorians Stephan LePodd by the good Doktor is titled "The Entertainer." The exclusive will be released in San Diego for $90.00 and is limited to 150 pieces.


Shocker Toys’ SDCC Exclusives


Shocker Toys has announced their lineup of San Diego Comic Con exclusives for their booth - #3849.

  • Dick Tracy - B&W Suit (6" tall) - 500 pieces
  • Dick Tracy - B&W Trenchcoat (6" tall) - 250 pieces (Must get a ticket from booth)
  • Dethklok Re-release box set (All 5 band members of Dethklok as vinyl figures) - 500pcs
  • Dethklok Dr. Rockso Designer Mallow - 500 pieces
  • Phantom Designer Mallow - 500 pieces
  • SDCC Art Designer Mallow - 250 pieces

Hmm...I'm interested in seeing what this Mallow figure is all about. It looks somewhat similar to Shocker's Shockini in that it has the block figure look. But does the world need more block figure lines? Discuss.

SHOW: Whimsical Delights


On Wednesday June 10th, the Wonderful World Art Gallery featured the artwork of Luke Feldman - aka SKAFFS - in their “Whimsical Delights” show. The gallery sent along a few photos from the reception. Luke created a painting right before the guests’ very eyes. Towards the end of the reception, the painting was raffled off and Nooshin Malakzad was the lucky winner of the evening.

Luke Feldman and Nooshin Malakzad
Luke Feldman Painting
Luke Feldman
WWA and Luke Feldman

Unleash the Jellyface


The Italian-based Jellyface plushies are about ready to hit shops. The line will consist of 5 different characters: JellyWood, JellyMuci, JellyBone, JellyFur and JellyTangle Big. Each plush is 100% hand crafted and entirely made in Italy, and they all come packaged with a poster, pin and sticker.

Each plush is approximately 8" tall (except for JellyTangle - 16") and should retail around $40 each (JellTangle - $80). For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.


Maori Warrior Release


Paul Shih will be dropping his 8" tall hand-cast and painted Maori Warrior resin figure. This "ALL WHITE EDITION" is limited to 20 figures worldwide. Online ordering begins on Friday June 26th at 22:00 PM GMT(UTC) time. Each piece will include a postcard and hand printed bag and run $110 USD plus shipping.


3.75″ Hellboy & Golden Army Soldier


Mezco's 3.75" Hellboy line continues with the addition of the Golden Army Soldier. Standing approximately 7" tall (in scale next to the other figures in the 3.75inch series), the figure features eight points of articulation. Each Golden Army Soldier comes packaged with a 3.75" Hellboy (who includes a base and his legendary sidearm - the Samaritan).

The Golden Army Soldier/Hellboy 2 pack will be available at Mezco's SDCC booth, #414 or can be currently pre-ordered online for $30.