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New Reading Monsters Release

UhOhToys will be releasing two new Reading Monsters today - Wednesday April 1st - at 10AM CST.


Hot Pink Explosion - Fluorescent pink resin, with glitter and glows blue in the dark. The piece is painted with silver and pink spray. Limited to 3 pieces, it will run $16.


Pink Clear GID - Clear, almost milky glitter resin with pink and silver spray. Glows blue in the dark. Limited to 3 pieces, it will run $16.

Mark Ryden and NTF’s YHWH


Hi Fructose and Brian McCarty dropped a bombshell on us. But it's a good kind of bombshell. Long Gone John and his Necessaries Toy Foundation are back (had they ever left?) and previewing their upcoming Mark Ryden piece - YHWH. Based on Ryden's painting of the same name, this amazing figure is bound to be one of our personal favorites.


While the pictured - pink - vinyl will be the standard edition, there are plans for two special edition versions (black - 80 pieces and white - 80 pieces). Look for these to be released in the summer of 2009. And for more information about the figure and the photoshoot, check out the Hi-Fructose blog.