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Mayhem, Mischief and Monsters: New Work from Tad Carpenter


Mayhem, Mischief and Monsters: New Work from Tad Carpenter will open on Saturday, February 28 at Bear and Bird Gallery in Lauderhill, FL. The opening reception will take place from 7PM until 10PM and will be on display through April 11th.

Tad’s ‘Mayhem, Mischief and Monsters’ show includes twenty different limited edition silkscreen ‘monster mix-up’ prints that empower you to buy a top or a bottom of a particular monster and combine with a totally different monster! So, whether you want a robot head and a scaley bottom or a zombie boy with octopus legs, Tad’s ‘monster mix-ups’ will have you covered! Monster Mix-Ups are 11x14" each piece and retail for $15 for a top or bottom; for $25 you can pick your own top and bottom! They are all hand silkscreened and signed by the artist. Limited edition of 100. This show will also include various prints on wood, small paintings and ltd. ed. plate designs by Tad Carpenter.

World Domo-Nation


Dark Horse recently unveiled plans to produce a set of blind-box figures scheduled to release this July. The 2.5” figures will be created in conjunction with Toy2R as part of their Qee program, and will feature the likeness of Domo.

Each figure contains a piece to construct a “Build-A-Domo” transparent figure. By assembling six of these components, a new variant figure can be created. There will be 15 different designs to collect.

You’re So Bossy…


David Horvath has announced tentative release time frames for his upcoming Bossy Bear related characters. Pictured above, Turtle should be available a the end of this month. And one of our new favorites - Crocadoca - should hit shelves around late March or early April. (The above photo has hand painted eyes, so they will be "tighter" lines on the production pieces)


Also revealed was the Just Like Bossy Bear line of Bossy Bear color variants. The green, black, orange and pink rotocast vinyl pieces should be released around late April or early May.


Police Officer Joker


To celebrate Heath Ledger's best supporting actor Oscar, Hot Toys has released the teaser image to the left. Yep, they'll be releasing the 1:6 scale Police Officer Joker figure from The Dark Knight. This clean-faced version will be a limited edition piece.

If the Police Officer version is anywhere close to being as cool as the Bank Robber Joker, this will be another must-have piece.



From Atomic Monkey, the 3" H.U.T.A. resin collectible makes the
perfect accent to your desk, kitchen, bathroom or nightstand. The piece is designed and sculpted by Doyle Trankina and the bronze edition is limited to a run of 250 pieces. This is really for anyone who's ever been told to get their head out of their a$$.

For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys. Look for this resin piece to retail around $20 each.


Terminator Salvation Endoskeleton T-600


Hot Toys introduces their newest piece from the upcoming Terminator Salvation film. The Endoskeleton T-600 collectible figure is set for a May 2009 release. The massive killing machine-T-600 features :

  • Approximately 14" tall
  • Over 25 Points of articulations plus fully articulated fingers
  • Light- up eyes (cell button battery operated/battery included)
  • Accessories includes Gatling gun ammo pack with harness
  • Movie scene featured figure base with nameplate