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REVIEW: Vinylmation Park #1



Vinylmation is a new collectible vinyl series featuring original designs from Disney Theme Park Merchandise. Available exclusively at Disney Theme Park Merchandise locations, Vinylmation is available in 3” and 9” sizes.

The Vinylmation Park #1 line uses a slightly stylized version of the iconic Disney character - Mickey Mouse – and adds various artists’ artwork to the platform figure.



The figures are packaged in a matte black and sky blue blind box. Illustrations of all of the characters in the line are pictured on the rear of the packaging. There is also some background information printed on that same panel.

Inside, the figure is secured within a foil wrapper that states “No Refunds, Exchanges or Returns”.

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Robot In The City Plush


Alexander Shen has created a plush based on the main character - Ritz the Robot - from his independent webcomic "Robot in the City". Beginning in mid/late March,you'll be able to pick up one of the 200 available plushies for $21.99 each.

Each one includes the following:

  • 1x 6" Ritz the Robot plushie
  • 1x Robot in the City comic (Chapter 1)
  • 1x set of 1" buttons (3 buttons)
  • 1x Limited Edition Card numbering your Ritz the Robot

The Art of Charles Stephan Solo Exhibition


The work of doll artist Charles Stephan of Charles' Creature Cabinet - the first ball-jointed doll maker of
the Netherlands - will be shown in a solo exhibition. The upcoming exhibition in Rotterdam
City at the designer toy store Fa Nieuwenhuyzen will run from February 28th to March
28th. All his ball-jointed dolls & designer toys will be displayed and
there will be a “Meet & Greet the artist” and an Alice Cherry Blossom
Qee/Toy2R signing session on Saturday February 28th at 2PM.

REVIEW: Boogily Head Variants



With the impending release of the Boogily Heads Series 4 from Rocket USA and artist Gus Fink, we have decided to take a look at some of the variant Boogilys.

These variant colorways come packaged randomly. In each of the first two series there were 250 total variants (or around 42 per character). And finding a color variant in Series 3 was even more difficult with only 150 total figures (or about 20 per character).



The variants come packaged in the same window-front box that the normal figures do. Inside of the box, the piece is packaged between dual, interlocking plastic trays. It still includes a foil pack that includes a Mini-Comix.

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