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REVIEW: Toofhairy Mini



Last year, Swedish raised and New York based designer Daniel Svanberg introduced us to his Spök-Spök label.  With a number of plush characters, Daniel launched us into his colorful world.

One of the first characters we were introduced to was Toofhairy.  Toofhairy is – not so surprisingly – a hairy tooth.  The character was one of the more popular of the line, and they recently released a 3” tall Toofhairy Mini clip-on plush.


Nada.  It has a tag that’s the same as the previously released larger line of figures.

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Two New Pieces From ESC-Toy


ESC-Toy has a pair of new products set to drop this Friday (1/2/09) via their ebay shop.  First
is the Muraida Attack print illustrated by Erick Scarecrow. Each 6x10 Giclee print has been produced with high archival inks on 310 GSM watercolor paper, signed and numbered by the artist and is limited to only 17 pieces worldwide.  Each one will retail for $64.99.


The second release will be the new Chelly Chainsaw 10" resin figure "Kage Edition" hand painted by Erick Scarecrow. This color way is limited to 4 pieces worldwide and only 2 will be available. Each figure is signed and numbered by the artist.  This one will retail for $249.99.