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Paper Demon


Based on the Retro Demons illustration by Jack from Horrorwood, the Paper Demon is a mini papercraft diorama that takes two sheets of paper to produce.  You can download it for free here.  However, the printer ink and must pay for.


REVIEW: Trick ‘r Treat – Sam



Trick ‘r Treat is the much anticipated (and much delayed) film that interweaves four different storylines that occur on Halloween.  Called on of the best horror films in year, one of the main characters is a little trick-or-treater named Sam.  Sideshow Collectibles has released the Sam character as a 15” tall rotocast vinyl figure.

While little is known about the character, the most haunting image of Trick 'r Treat is Sam, the Spirit of Halloween who enforces the holiday's ancient traditions. To the untrained eye, Sam looks like a little boy out for a night of gathering candy, but what's hidden under the orange footy-pajamas is anything but sweet. The burlap sack with button eyes and a stitched-on smile shrouds something sinister, and while his half-eaten lollipop may look like a tasty treat, when wielded by little Sam, it becomes a deadly weapon. If Sam appears on your doorstep this Halloween, you better be wearing a costume and you better have a bowl full of treats, or you'll be in for one hell of a trick.



The Sam figure is packaged in a rather enormous window-front box.  It stands at 17” tall by 8” wide by 5” deep.  The story of the character is printed on the rear, and there are photos on the inside ad outside of the box.  You’ll probably need scissors or a knife to cut through all of the twist ties that hold Sam into his single plastic tray.

**Spoiler Alert - Sam's Real Face Shown Below**

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Shawnimals Visit Nerd City


Shawn Smith of Shawnimals sits down as the guest co-host of the latest Nerd City
(Episode 23).  They talk plush, vinyl, the history of the
Shawnimals brand and his new Ninjatown game for Nintendo DS.  You really should listen.

Charlie Owens and Jim Koch at Rivet


Rivet presents a show featuring works from Charlie Owens and Jim Koch.  This exhibit will include paintings, mixed media, and custom toy pieces
from the artists.  The opening reception takes place on Saturday, November 1st from 7PM until 10PM, while the show runs through November 26th.

New Runcible Customs


Cris Rose has released 4 more of his Runcible resin figures, each being limited to a run of one single piece.  Each figure has something special in its head (in quotes below).  The figures are as follows, in order as those pictured:

C001 - Battle Damaged (3x 7.62 Nato M13 shells with link for the M60 Machine Gun)
C002 - Golden Oak (Golden Oak Leaf)
C003 - Head Full of Conkers (3x Conkers)
C004 - Peace Lily (Peace Lily Flower)


SoS x Disney Bird Head Skeleton “Black Gold”


Span of Sunset is set to release their spooky Bird Head Skeleton vinyl figure in a black-gold colorway.

This piece is the newest Span of Sunset and Disney collaboration. Standing at 16" tall, the Bird Head Skeleton has two points of articulation and comes with two menacing swords.  It's based on an animatronic sculpture that is located inside the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" ride at Disneyland.

Sculpted by Monster5, this figure is limited to 250 pieces and currently available.