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New…8″ Treeson


Crazy Label has dropped news of their new 8" Treeson figure.  The first public unveiling took place at Wizard World Chicago (Go Hero booth #2142).  If you'll be attending the Taipei Toy Festival, there will be a pre-sale at the Crazy Label booth# A10, A11.

The edition of 500 pieces will retail around $69 each.  Look for it to be available in August.

So, they're enlarging our favorite toy from 2006?  Heck yeah!  We can't wait to see the new Treeson...and its arms and legs are articulated. 


Spooky Cute Series 1


Spooky Cute Series 1 is a 3" tall blind boxed line designed by Danny Chan (Hong Kong).   The will be 9 basic designs as well as 1 rare figure.  It's not often that I find a blind boxed line that I like, but these look great!  I love all of the different animal sculpts.

Look for them to retail around $5.50 each.  Wholesale inquiries can contact DKE Toys.

Scar(f)ed Pheyden


Onell Design is showing off their Scar Pheyden sculpt.  I know we've seen it before, but there's confirmation that it is being produced.  You're excited?  Me too.  The photo above actually shows the Scar Pheyden with a little piece of pleather that's being used as a mask.

The Ultimate Alpha 8″ DIY


The Ultimate Alpha is the newest addition to The Galaxy Bunch.  It will be debuted at the Taipei Toy Festival 2008 with other new toys from Michael Kwong and crew.   Keep your eyes out for the Alphamaniac series and the Amazing Chibo.

The Ultimate Alpha pictured here is the special DIY edition specially made for Taipei Toy
Festival 2008.  Only 100 pieces will be sold. This Ultimate Series has varied articulation and a pretty good hand feeling.  There will be a metallic and the full color version at the DKE Toys booth at SDCC.


IWG Astro Krieg Flying Saucer Attack Craft


Rocket World's IWG Astro Krieg Flying Saucer Attack Craft is bound to be one of our favorite UFOs.  Above (and below) is a photo of the unpainted prototype.  The flying saucer will be made available at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

Each spacecraft measures 5.25" wide by 5" tall with landing struts extended.  It includes: an opening bubble canopy, retracting landing struts, raygun holster, and mini human skull trophy carrier.  Each attack craft fits all upcoming Astro Krieg Mini Figures and most of the existing IWG Mini Figures.

The IWG Astro Krieg Flying Saucer Attack Craft will be available in 4 colorways: Covert Space Pirate Black, Classic Galactic Silver, Eco-New World Green and Moon Glow in the Dark.   They will run $49.95 each.


BEit Dude Progress


We haven't heard a lot from Kicktoys about their BEit Dude line.  But they have released the above photo of the figure progress.  Some pretty different character designs there.  I'll hold judgement until I see the final product.

REVIEW: Samwise Gamgee 1/6 Scale



Sideshow Collectibles has long been producing figures, busts, statues and prints from the epic trilogy – The Lord of the Rings.  They recently released a pair of Hobbits as 1/6 scale figures.  After already reviewing Frodo, we’ll be taking a look at his pal…Samwise Gamgee.

Once a humble gardener in the Shire, Samwise Gamgee is Frodos closest friend and traveling companion, helping him to bear the One Ring to Rivendell. Once Frodo volunteers to take the Ring into Mordor and destroy it, Sam does not hesitate to follow his master. With the Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo and Sam begin the long, perilous journey. When the Fellowship is broken and scattered, Sam alone remains with Frodo, and together, but not alone, the two young hobbits continue their quest toward Mount Doom to destroy the evil ring and end Sauron’s reign over Middle-earth.



Again, Sideshow got the packaging on these as close to perfect as can be asked.  The only thing I would have liked to see is magnets instead of Velcro to hold the doors shut (like the Star Wars line).

The front doors open for plenty of reading on the inside panels.  There is background information about the character as well as a few of the accessories.  And the packaging has photos of the figure as well as Sean Astin from the film.

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Preview IWG Airborne Series


Rocket World has introduced their IWG Airborne Series.   Above are the hand painted prototypes.   Each piece is approximately 1.5" tall and includes a
working parachute.  The blind boxed figures will be available at this year's San Diego Comic Con.  There will be 11 colorways, 4 chase figures and run around $6.95 each.

ZOMBITOYS by Zombicat


The Zombitoys series includes four "gods" featuring different powers and
personalities. Zombitoys are more than just eye-catching figurines;
they are characters that invite you to play day-by-day roles and
actions, via a game-element inside their heads. But be warned: the
Zombitoys are intended for an adult public.

Each of the four figures is about 2.5" tall.  The characters are Adele (white), Saba (red), Ferurun (green) and Patabar (thermic black).  Look for them to retail around $12 each.  For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.