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Walrus - Upper Playground Edition by Greg Simkins / Ningyoushi $76.00

KFGU - Clear Green Chupacabra by David Horvath / Wonderwall $66.00
KFGU - Pink GID Flatwoods by David Horvath / Wonderwall $66.00
KFGU - Pink GID Mothman by David Horvath / Wonderwall $66.00
KFGU - Glossy Black Magman by Touma / Wonderwall $64.00
Kozik Bomb Twin Pack by Frank Kozik / Toy2R $12.50
8" Blue GID Dr. Bomb by Frank Kozik / Toy2R $48.50
Zoomies - Mini Figure Series by Kidrobot $7.95
4" Mini Munny by Kidrobot $9.95

Coming Very Soon

Samhain Trooper 10 inch Teddy Troup by Ledbetter / Adfunture, The
Wankers 10 inch Teddy Troup by 123Klan / Adfunture, UniPo Series 5:
Speed Demons by Unklbrand, BUKA Series 1 Mini Figures by Adfunture,
Kaniza Series 1 Mini Figues by Toyqube, Original Dr. Destruction by
Muttpop, The Vivisect Playset by Strangeco + Lots More!

Keep an eye on the Frozen Empire Toys website for frequent updates -
Look for a major update this coming weekend with LOTS of new additions

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