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IWG Cubs By Campfire


The newest full color archival vector illustration by the IWG creator OtterX aka Patrick Ma is now available from Rocket World.  It features baby bear Ares and baby rhino Ginga relaxing by a campfire, enjoying a tasty treat.

The print is available in a framed 8x10 edition, or a full 17x22 unframed and rolled edition.  It’s printed on acid free, archival papers using archival inks and will run you $40 each.




If you thought that the adult Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (IWG) characters were all alone in their fight against poachers and other environmentally evil types…you were wrong.  Patrick Ma and Rocket World have added the IWG Baby Cubs to the already formidable collection of rebellious animals.

There are several retailer exclusives, but the two widely released characters are Ares the Baby Grizzly Bear and Ginga the Baby White Rhino.  And for the first time ever, Rocket World has released blank figures for the customizers.



The Baby Cubs line brings back the Rocket World IWG inspired camouflage design.  There is a little background reading on the rear of the package.  And each figure is secured in a double plastic tray that alleviates the need for any twist ties.

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3″ Pink Pirate


Buff Monster has placed the above 3" Pink Pirate figure (by MINDstyle) on his website.  It's exclusive to the site and is limited to a run of 100 pieces.  There is a limit of one per person and each box is signed and comes with a numbered card.

New Cursters Website Is Online


The brainchildren of Minneapolis artist Erin Currie, cursters are endearingly disturbing little monsters with big personalities. Part whimsy, part madness, these creatures find their way into people’s dreams and start making mischief. Each one is meticulously handcrafted from high-quality materials, and each has a hand-painted face, so every curster is a unique individual. What they’re capable of is anyone’s guess.

Winter Fun at Wootini


This December, Wootini will be bringing together some local artists for a super special holiday show.  David Rose, Casey Porn, Paul Friedrich, Bloo Empire and Casey Robertson will all be showing new work together on December 14th.  Get there anytime between 8PM and 11PM.

Wootini will be unveiling a new project consisting of "Mysterious" blind-boxed 6x6" stretched canvas prints created by each of the participating artists. 

200 N. Greensboro St.
Carr Mill, STE A-7
Carrboro, NC

REVIEW: Ryo Honda’s Kabakuro



Ryo Honda
is a Japanese illustrator who just recently released his first figure - Kabakuro. The figure was launched at the tokyomade Design Festa booth.  The release coincided with the drop of Honda’s hand-illustrated black and white book – Kabakuro First Story.

A symbol of the father and son bond, this Japanese designed toy is a model of Kabakuro and his little son Shiro. The same characters that are featured in Ryo Honda's first picture book, Kabakuro First Story, also released at the Tokyo Design Festa.



The figure is packaged within an illustrated cardboard box.  There are several drawings by Ryo Honda.  The drawings depict the characters posing for a photo.  Since there is no window pane, it’s probably not a displayable box.

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Shultz Describes The Compatiballs


Shultz, the designer behind the Compatiballs line has sent the following info about his line of figures:

The Compatiballs are a fun and funny interpretations of the ancient Chinese dual concepts of yin and yang which describe two primal opposing but complementary forces said to be found in all objects and processes in life.

The compatiballs makes you think of relations between two identities, the duality of compatibility and confrontation.  With FroggyBall the union of two crazy Froggies, laughing hysterically, gives birth to a third character, a smiling friendly froggy offering a hug.  They stand for complimenting energies, which when merged give birth to a new outgoing energy.

The Tigerball consists of two roaring tigers fighting for dominance.  When engaged they blend, making it hard to tell where one starts and the other end.  They represent the harmony and codependency of equal opposing forces feeding of each other, which is the driving force of life, our relationships and ourselves.


Pete Fowler’s Van Orlax


Pete Fowler's Van
giant vinyl figure is the latest addition to Monsterism Island.  The towering 20" tall vinyl figure is a limited edition of 100.  This brown version is available in the
U.S. through STRANGEco, with only 20 available pieces.  It runs $239.99 and limited to one per customer.

REVIEW: Captain Jack Sparrow Tonner Character Figure



Remember when the Pirates of the Caribbean was just a silly little ride at Disneyworld?  You say the phrase nowadays, and the first thing people think about is the Johnny Depp led Disney film trilogy...not the musky smelling ride.

Well, Tonner Doll Company picked up the Pirates’ film license and has produced a line of Tonner Character Figures based on the movie likenesses of Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightly).  For purposes of this review, we’ll be looking at the Jack Sparrow TCF.



The packaging for the Pirates of the Caribbean line is similar in style to other Tonner Character Figure lines.  The box art does differ, with the Pirates logo as well as a map-like background.  As always, Tonner does a tiptop job of keeping the figure secure (and easy to remove).

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Jamungo Sqube – Chrome


Jamungo and FERG have created a new exclusive Chrome Sqube for Kidrobot.  The shiny chrome colorway is limited to approximately 275 pieces.  The 4” stackable piece will run you $49.95 each.