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The Designer Toy Fix: Episode 1 – Derek Welch from UNKL


Last week, we posted a link to our .Mac Gallery.  But here is your chance to watch our chat with Derek Welch from UNKL...right on the Plastic and Plush home page.  Our new segment - The Designer Toy Fix - will probably hit the site twice a month.  And if you would like to download it for your iPod...check out the gallery.



M.Heisler is responsible for making some of the coolest custom robots out there.  And he went ahead and sent us our very own Plastic and Plush Slobot...or as I call him...SloPlasticandPlushBot.  It's a customized Noupa done in Heisler's Slobot style.  If you're looking for your own custom piece, there are several available on the site...or you could just commission him for a special custom.


CONTEST: Win Cranium WOW!


As you might know, Cranium WOW is a favorite board game of the folks here at Plastic and Plush.  The game is known for bringing out your "inner artist, actor, singer, champion speller, or all-around genius".  (Thankfully, I don't need much help bringing those qualities out.)  In the WOW version, they've added a number of new challenges (in the four traditional categories) and given us a number of great vinyl movers inspired by the artwork of Gary Baseman.

We're teaming up with Cranium to give away the Cranium WOW edition to 2 lucky people.  Here's what you'll have to do!

  • We're going to ask you 3 questions straight from the game. You'll need to answer all 3 correctly in order to be entered into the random drawing.
  • Email you answers and mailing address to
  • The contest will run through 11:59PM EST on Thursday December 27th.


1. Category: Datahead  Activity: Selectaquest
    Question: Vegemite, the salty sandwich spread, is referred to as which country's national food?
    A) Britain
    B) Venezuela
    C) Poland
    D) Australia

2. Category: Datahead  Activity: Factoid
Question: What woman was the first person to win two Nobel Prizes?

Category: Datahead  Activity: Polygraph
    Question: To see a rainbow, your back must be to the sun.  (T or F)

Contest Winners!


We've had a few contests end recently and if you were wondering who had won (maybe it's you), here you go:

Gwin Series 3
Jeffrey Field and Sheri Fisher

Harriet Carney
Mike Lightman

Han Solo – Smuggler: Tatooine


Sideshow is dropping another figure in their Star Wars line of 1/6 scale figures.  This time around, it's Han Solo from Star Wars: A New Hope.  It depicts him as a smuggler on the planet of Tatooine.  Look for this piece to drop on Friday December 14th at 10AM PST. That's 1PM for us East Coast folks.

Puchi Petites: Mini Treats…Not So Tasty


I think that customizers might like this...especially customizers who like to produce miniature dioramas.  Re-Ment International have produced a line of miniature pieces called Puchi Petites.  They take everyday items, primarily food, and shrink them down keeping an amazingly original look.  And sorta makes me hungry.


Harley Quinn Tonner Character Figure


Fans of Tonner's DC Stars line should enjoy this one.  It's the Joker's partner in crime - Harley Quinn.  If you ever watched the animated Batman show, you'll definitely recognize the character.  It'll go great with the Joker and Poison Ivy figures.

Puma Fridgetoys


Puma Latin America has launched a regional newsletter called the Puma Fridge.   To celebrate, they’ve released the 1st Custom Fridgetoys Collection.  A number of visual artists, designers and photographers let their creativity loose on the blank fridge template.  You can download, print, and build the tiny appliances.  Befre the next newsletter, Puma will be selecting 5 winners that will receive prizes and the privilege to appear in series 2.

Brian Urlacher All-Star Vinyl


Upper Deck will be releasing their Brian Urlacher (Chicago Bears) All-Star Vinyl figure beginning on Tuesday December 18th at 9:54AM PDT for Platinum Club members and the same time the next day for the everyday public.  The sculpt on this one is great...and my favorite is the orange jersey.


New Vinyl From James Jarvis


James Jarvis’ Illustrated Yod Special Edition is a special, very limited colorway of The Illustrated Yod.  The tan colorway includes a special version of the new Selected Drawings book by James Jarvis.


Also from Jarvis is his Wrestling Elves set.  This limited edition vinyl figure set was produced by Hong Kong lifestyle label Silly Thing, for Juno's 5th album release.  They’re wrestling…I swear!

Both are only available in the U.S. from STRANGEco.  The Special Edition Yod sells for $99.99, while the Wrestling Elves set runs $139.99.